Monday, September 19, 2011

Spectating Syracuse 70.3

Yesterday was the highlight of alot of Central New Yorkers Triathlon Season. The Syracuse 70.3.
While I had alot of reservations about not doing the race as coach thought it wasn't a good idea, a little part of me was dying to do the race.

 I was so bummed this week that I missed half my workouts. Seeing all the facebook posts about how everyone was tapering, how they were getting excited, what to wear, etc, etc. really made me bummed. I tried to hide it but it was evident in my workouts.

I thought if I went and cheered it would put some life back into me, so I sucked it up and went and cheered on some of my Tri Friends that were racing. And my coach and some teamates.

I sat on the run course at the steepest part of the run with my cow bell in hand. The first 2 male pros went by, Cheered them on. No smile, No wave..Hmmm. A few more guys, then the 2 first female pros...2nd being Caroline Steffen!! Yes in little 'ol New York! I was so excited to see her out there! It was really cool! Not to mention our hometown PRO Kristin White!

I was yelling, ringing the cowbell anything I could to get those people up the hill. It was kind of cool to see the fast runners bound up the hill like nothing!! I even heard some friends tell me I couldn't walk knowing you were on the top of this hill!! Ha ha! Hey If you have to save the energy on the hill. I wont think of you any differently! Anyone who does these endurance events are awesome in my mind!!

Kristin White

My coach. Why do I look like a Midget compared to her?!

Caroline Steffen
Onto my week of training!! 40 DAYS!!!!


  1. awesome! my friend just did this race and had a rough time-no deets yet but im anxious to find out.

  2. 40 days!!! YAY for the future IRONWOMAN!!!

  3. thx for the mention...and the pic (MY coach is in the pic you took of me :-) ). you are going to have so much fun at your race. just wait til you get there and see everyone else checking in to race...that will light your fire!!!