Thursday, September 1, 2011

Disney World...Happiest place on Earth??

I have been away from my Bloggy world as I have been in Orlando, Florida Soaking up the sun and all the adventures Disney World has to offer. We are on our 9th day of our 11 day vacation and what an experience it has been! We were fortunate enough not to get any of Hurricane Irene, just some passing thunderstorms.

I was here 10 years ago and didn't remember half the rides, games, shows we did then. There are many pictures this time around but I cannot download them as I am in the hotel with no chord to the computer!!

I owe the whole trip to my sister who planned everything from the hotel, to the flight, rental car, and every dinner we have went to!! It has been a great experience!

Day 1 - We Swam at our hotel which has a Guitar shaped pool as well as a Piano Shaped pool!! We are staying on resort so we get special priveledges into the park, etc, etc
Went to Dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe where it was an American West Theme, family style restaurant! If you needed ketchup, you yelled it out and all the tables with ketchup had to get up and bring it to you! They had an old school horse ride with the sticks, singing, etc. Very fun!

Day 2 - Went to Epcot- There are some fun interactive things to do here with the kids, We did a Kim Possible mission in the Countries and Had lunch at the Coral Reef where we could see a big aquarium with Sharks and 85 different species of tropical fish! So beautiful! We Saw the illuminations show over the water, what a great show!

Day 3- Animal Kingdom!! Went on a safari ride where the animals were so close we could've reached out and touched them! Its tough to be a Bug show was so cute! Road Kali river Rapids and got totally soaked, Soarin made me want to vomit, Expedition Everest- what a thrill!!

Day 4- Back to Epcot where my Princess had LUNCH with the Princesses in Norway!! I have some beautiful pics to share! Went on Test track, Mission Space- Green of course as I have no Love for spinning!

Day 5- Magic Kingdom!! Now up until now, my honey had no idea why people made such a fuss over Disney World...When he got here, His jaw dropped and he was so excited to be here! We hopped parks and went to Hollywood Studios in the afternoon and at at Hollywood and Vine dinner buffet. And watched the Fantasmic Show!! Pretty impressive!!

Dont worry, I still have been running and swimming down here!! I just cannot bike :(

Nutrition wise....well we wont get into that either

Pics and Days 6-11 to come!!!


  1. Nice vacation! I am glad that you are having so much fun!

  2. You are supposed to eat all the yummy food and not think twice because you are walking so much! Glad that you are having a good time!