Thursday, September 15, 2011

Century Riding

I know this is late.

Last Weekend my friend, LB and I embarked on a century ride for ALS. It started at Carpenters Fish Hatchery in Elbridge, went through Oswego, Minoa, Pheonix, Baldwinsville and back to Elbridge. Yes thats right we crossed 5 little cities in that time frame.

While I knew this was going to be a bunch of cyclists riding, I left Herbie the Tri Bike at home and Took out Pinky for the ride.

We settled into a fairly easy pace going out. Around 17-18mph which was my goal pace for the whole ride to begin with. My goal was to keep hydrated and my nutrition up. The first part was fairly hilly and we warmed up quickly.

It then became flat for about 20-30 miles until we hit Oswego where there were some rolling hills again. At this point my nutrition was spot on Drinking 1 bottle of Perform a hour, 1 Scap, 2 gels. I was keeping up with the big dogs, even hitting some 20-21 mph speeds in there.

I then started to feel a little "twinge" in the nether region. Really?! It started early this time! I was standing, moving around in the saddle, anything to make myself feel better.

Around 40 miles, I hit a pot hole and all my nutrition flies out of my bento box. I had some guys behind me that were kind to pick some of the stuff up for me. Back on the bike, I just could not get comfortable. I was starting to get miserable.

Mile 43, rest stop!! I use the bathroom, eat a banana and half a cookie, snap a great pic as above. That is Lake Ontario behind us!

Back on the bike feeling good for 20 more miles then my nether regions started bothering me again. This part was rolling hills which I love and it was a great scenic coarse. I was miserable. I was even thinking of calling my honey to come and get me, or my mother, or someone as I was hurting. Everything else was going great! Nutrition was spot on, then I lost my Salt tabs in the grass and everyone was hauling ass at that point I didn't want to stop and get lost so I left them on the side of the road

Mile 80, rest stop. Thank god! My Right inner thigh was cramping up. I don't know if this was because I kept trying to adjust myself for the last 20-30 miles or if it was I needed more nutrition. I fueled up, took a half of coke, half banana, went to bathroom and back on the road for 20 more miles

Again felt great for about 10 miles and it hurt again. I felt like this shouldnt be happening to me and one of the guys started laughing at me saying guys get it all the time...Ugh!! It felt like I kept getting pinched. I know TMI.

At mile 95 I started cursing...There was a steep incline followed by a incline that never ended. 2 miles. I was still on and off crammping in my right groin but I wasn't going to let it stop me. I thought, I am not cramping, spin spin spin and I got up the freaking hill!! Then it was down hill for about 2 miles.

Total 102 miles , 5hr 55 min.

After I got off the bike I ate a little then went for a run...I felt so refreshed! I even hit a 8:44!! I don't know what happened on the bike. Im thinking it was a combo of tenseness and lack of sodium. But the funny thing is my legs were ready to run!

Lets see what pans out this weekend!!


  1. Nice job with the century! It sounds like it was a little painful, but you pushed through and finished...woohoo!!!

  2. Damn, girl. Great job.

    I love how you name your bikes! Pinky. HA!

    If I biked 95 miles my nether regions would fall off!!