Sunday, September 4, 2011

Disney Continued...

I was so inpressed by how well Disney is maintained. It is such a clean place to visit. The "Cast" members were always cleaning. Right after a parade we saw at Magic Kingdom, there were already people picking out the strings that were left behind out of the bushes!

Day 6- The morning we spent it shopping at Downtown Disney. There is an awesome Lego Store there that would surely impress every enthusiast! There was also a Disney Boutique that stretched for 5-6 stores! I could get lost in all things Disney there! I was about to buy alot of stuff, but I remembered I only had a small suitcase to stuff souveniers in!! Oh Boy!
Headed to Epcot in the Afternoon where we toured all the great countries and even sampled a yummy wine slushie from FRANCE!! A drunk person asked the cashier why he hated Americans...hmmm I would've said because you are acting like a damn fool right now! Seriously?! Some people are just down right rude and stupid if you ask me.


Dinner was at the Garden Grill at Epcot. This was a Rotating Restaraunt with Character Dining Featuring Chip n Dale and Farmer Mickey and Pluto! It was a all you care to eat family style dinner with grilled steak, roast turkey, and the fish of the day. Complete with Veges and Potatoes as well. Some of the food used was made in Epcot in The Land Greenhouse!

Day 7- Magic Kingdom! I could go there again and again! We took it to Adventure Land and Fronteir Land! We flew on Aladdins Carpet, watched the Tiki Room Show, Got a pic with Jasmin, Road on Splash Mountain which was really awesome and road a broken train!! ahhh! We also went to the Haunted Mansion, Went on a Jungle Cruise( the guy on our boat was Wicked Funny!)d
Dinner was at Tonys Town Square right on Main Street. This was a Italian family Style Restaurant. The only thing good that I liked was Dessert. They etched Lady and the Tramp in chocolate on my Plate! We sat out side and a downpour started happening halfway into our meal! The manager gave us a fast pass to ride any ride we wanted! We then had backstage passes to see Mickey and Minnie in there waredrobe room. Very Cute!

Day 8- Disney Hollywood Studios!!! My nephew and Daughter played a game with some of the characters and won a trophy! Went on Star Tours which takes you up in space in a cool. Saw Muppets in 3D show which was a great show as well. We had front row seats! Saw the Indiana Jones Stunt spectatular which is a Must see if you are going to Disney! Tower of Terror my daughter went on with my brother in law as I had to take my nephew out as he was scared to ride! :( We watched how some of the animation is made on the big screen, you also can do your own drawings!
Lunch was at 50's Prime Time Cafe in a TV themed setting. The food was cooked the way mom and dad would've cooked it in the 50's. You also had to mind your manners and set the table! Woot!
After lunch we saw Lights Motor Action stunt show which was a awesome cars stunt show with a appearance by Lightening McQueen. Another Must see!
We then enjoyed a swim at the hotel, a nap and off to Epcot for a Spanish Dinner in Mexico! Yummy! We alos played another Kim Possible Mission!

Day 9- Magic Kingdom in Tomorrow Land! Buzz Lightyear ride, Space Mountain, Watching the Shows in front of the Castle, Getting our groove on at the Parade! So much fun today! Lunch was at Peco's Bills which is a great place to eat! Had BBQ, Burgers, Sandwiches salads, whatever you wanted under one roof! Yummy!
We went back to the hotel to Rest up as we would be up late to watch Wishes!! Dinner was amazing as well at Liberty Tree Tavern! This place was a authentic recreation of an 18th Century American Inn. The food was amazing! From the Bisquits, to the pot roast, to the potatoes, carrots and dessert!!

I tried to ignore all the ignorance in Disney, but there is alot of it! After the Wishes show, this lady kept pushing my daughter forward as she wanted to get on the tram. We all had to wait, we would all get on eventually. My honey went off on her and he has never done this before!! Kind of funny to see but people can be so rude! It amazes me that the parents were acting hysterical more than the kids were. Im glad we went when we did because the crowd level was much better than it would be at other times of the year! Also a foreigner was SMOKING in the line with all the other people crowding him! I looked at him and said Seriously?! You are smoking in this crowd right now?! He put it out! YUCK!

Day 10- Back to Disney Hollywood Studios where we went into Honey I shrunk the Kids set! I was scared on the ropes!! ha ha! Went to Toy Story Mania- what a BLAST! its worth the wait to do this ride! Went on the Studio backlot tour which Caitlin was scared she was going to fall out of the trolley! There was a special affects scene we were a part of. 
Lunch was at the Sci-Fi Dine in where we sat in 50 convertible tables and watched a screen as we were at a Drive in! I hated it!! I couldn't see my food, the food wasnt that great! The best part was the Chocolate Peanut butter Cake!

Day 11- We finished up the trip with Breakfast at The Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom. We had Character dining with Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet. Went on Rides again until noon where we said goodbye to Disney World and went to the airport. 3:15pm we were on the plane. I had to sit with someone I didn't know! The BEST part of it was that he was a Triathlete from Rochester!! How cool is that?! He was reading the new issue of Triathlete magazine and I struck up a conversation. He signed up for Ironman Lake Placid 2012!! Good luck to Him! I didn't catch his name! :(

I had a great trip but it is soooo great to be home!!

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