Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Decision that was made

In the past few weeks, I have been contemplating the Syracuse 70.3 as to whether I should race it or not. It is about 6 weeks out from my Full Irondistance race. While I could race it and cross the finish line as my health and fitness is there, I had reservations of doing this race. All week when I was in Florida I thought about it as the Registration would be closing soon. Seeing my friends posts about their swim wave times, colored caps, their excitement about doing the race made me want to do it even more.

My coach and I have been going back and forth about me doing this. She put it like this. She wanted me to be fresh and confident going into B2B. If I do Syracuse and do poorly, my negative thoughts would creep up on me. If I did well, I would be too confident going into B2B. She wants me to be just right for my race.

All the molding and remodeling I have done in the last year to get me to this point in my journey has been a rough road. No one tells you how tough it is both physically and mentally to prepare for a race, to make the right decisions in regards to which races you will race each season.

I chose not to do Syracuse 70.3 this year. Not that I don't want to or think I wont do well. (I just did the Bike course which is Very Challenging in 3:04 a few weeks ago!) I just feel at this point in my training it isn't worth tapering and resting and losing valuable training opportunities that can be gained with my Full Race coming up!

I am very excited, nervous, scared and all that in between for my Full!

53 DAYS!!!!

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  1. If you are confident in your decision then you are making the right decision!