Sunday, November 30, 2014

Training week 3 and 4

Ending IMLP week 4. Where did the time go? I forgot to blog about week 3!

Nothing new to report maybe..

Swim: I am getting 2-3 days a week of swimming in. It is getting hard because I love to be cycling and running instead but know how important the swimming is! Last week I rounded about 5300yds in the pool. This week I was slacking and only got about 3300! Yikes! Next week it will be a focus to make sure there is 2 days in the pool!

Biking: I haven't been outside much on the bike d/t it snowing and being cold! Brr! The trainer and I have begun to love each other again. Now that my ass is not going numb every time I sit on the darn thing! My Kindle and Ipod are definitely getting more use these days!

Running: what can I say?! I love it! I love how it makes me feel. Even though I am working out some niggles right now with my running I have seemed to continue to give at least 3-4 days to running.

Strength- I did get in 2 days in the last 2 weeks! How do I fit this in?! Having trouble finding the right time to do so!

Week 3 in numbers:

swim:5246 yds
Run:15.2 miles
Strength:30 min

Week 4 in numbers:

Bike:89.6 miles
Run:22.4 miles
Strength:30 min

Happy Training!!!

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