Friday, November 28, 2014

My Turkey trot and Gobblecross 2014 in the books

Yesterday I didn't feel like doing any Turkey Trotting. I feel like the races in my neck of the woods are getting way too crowded to have a decent time unless you start in the front or Throw some elbows to get to the front right after the gun goes off.

Last year I did not have a great experience at the Baldwinsville Turkey Trot. I was going to do one in Rochester, close to where my sister lives as I was going to her house for dinner. I decided it wasn't in the best interest of my 2 kids or my honey to sit and wait 45-50 min for me to finish in the snow and wind. On that note I decided to go to the Gym and Run a race against myself. With a mile warm up, I did 5 miles in 40 min with a mile cool down thereafter. It was fun to see what I could do on the treadmill, but sometimes I feel it is my limiter as well. I feel like I am dying on the treadmill only to note my Heart Rate is in the high 140's to low 150's

I felt like that was a good place to say OK, I did something cardio wise on Thanksgiving. Then I ate a Paleo Dinner to my hearts desire! Turkey, Sweet potatoes, Sausage stuffing, Homemade cranberry sauce and Paleo Apple Pie!! YUM!!! I am not going to lie when I say I went for Seconds.

Onto today's "Race". GobbleCross 2014. It was at a fellow Cyclists House. Really low key, come and have fun in the snow, drink and be merry basically. It had been off and on snowing here and the wind was blowing pretty harsh. I was nervous about cross racing in the snow as this is my first year getting into this. My technical skill are yet to be desired on a off road race scene. It's improving. Slowly But surely.

I did a practice run and thought. Are you #ucking serious right now?! why the hell did I pay money to torture myself to no end?! Snow, Slipping, Mud, Hills, Barriers?!! Oh MY! Not to mention my Raynaud's kicked into high gear and made me almost want to throw up or cry because I felt like Daggers were piercing my skin, then throwing a lighter on top of it when they were thawing out. Luckly one gentleman gave me a great Ski glove to wear and I survived the race.

I was only going to do one lap and then DNF. But when I wasn't last I decided.."Its still a race to the finish!!" I did get lapped...TWICE! But, I never gave up on finishing. By the 3rd lap I was feeling confident in getting up and down some of those crazy hills. I still have a lot to learn, but am loving this cyclocross scene!!

Moral of the story. Complete what you set out to complete. 2nd Place Female overall

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