Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cider Cross Race Recap

I am late at writing my recap of Cider Cross!

I will give a quick recap so I can return to your regularly scheduled Blog of IMLP training as I know you are all dying to know what I am doing!

This would be my 5th race of Cyclocross. Yes, I still don't have all the technical shit down pat but I am trying. Why the hell can I not do a Flying mount?!! It still baffles me that I plan to do this every race but continue to not do it.

I will however say I surprised myself with things I thought I couldn't do at this race.

Lets give you the low down.

It was about a 1.5 mile course starting going up a rocky incline to some off Camber switchbacks, to some rocky road, into the apple orchard weaving in and out of rows, Down a decent to a quick turn, into some muddy tight turns, down another rocky path, into some more muddy turns to a Barrier, then to some switch backs and the hill to the start. Try that times 4!!!

Can I say this was definitely a challenging course! You are redlining it most of the way. This race is about Punching it when you can and giving it good power effort.

I started getting off my bike at the first off camber areas for the first 2 laps. Then I had a friends husband whispering in my ear that I could definitely bike it! So the last 2 I tried and I did it!! WTH! I should've just done it in the first place, But if you saw the pile up when we did a practice lap, I think you would've been scared to ride it too!!

Anyways, Coming down to the end I saw a girl ahead of me. I just wanted to pass her! We kept playing this cat and mouse game. I finally gave in on the last climb and let her go. She beat me by 4 SEC and cost me SECOND place!!

Anyways, I got 3rd Cat 4 and received bragging rights and $10 worth of coffee in the end.

The Post race party was AMAZING!! We got Gluten free chili and mac and cheese for free. A pint of Cider (choice of regular or alcoholic) Free Hot Cider and Apples!

On another side note, Beak and Skiff Apple farm is Amazing! I will definitely be going back and taking the kids as well.

Happy Training!!

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