Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 2- IMLP training

Week 2 has ended and I am finally getting more focused on Ironman Training.

I have been a little scatter brained in getting back up in the wee hours of the morning that I had to to some double workouts this week which I hate to do. One of the important things for me is to NOT take time away from my family. I stay up late, get up early, Whatever I need to do to get my workout done without sacrificing their time. I think that is one important goal of mine.

Goals for next week are to certainly get to bed a little earlier, make my gym bag the day prior and Get to the gym earlier!!

I had a great week of training. Hit every workout with purpose and focus. If I needed to scale back, I knew where to do it and that is one good thing!

The weather has been getting colder here and the Trainer and pool have become a lovely sanctuary. I refuse to run on the treadmill more than I have to so still running outside!

My mind says yes, body says COLD!!

I have been working with my nutrition as I am pretty much Paleo. Being a Athlete and being Paleo has had its challenges. Larabars and Huma Gels have been my saving grace as well as Bananas and applesauce. So far so good! We will see when the numbers start Escalating!

Figured I would Give Infinit hydration a try. Anyone tried this product?? What are your thoughts?

Right now I am sitting at almost 9 hours of training. I feel like I can handle more training load, with my busy schedule, but don't know where my breaking point will be yet. We will see.

I have a few races scheduled next weekend. One being the Arthritis foundation jingle bell run. I am running this for a work friend whose daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis at such a young age. I will be running for her and all the others who are debilitated by Arthritis. Next but not least, Turkey CROSS!! It is the last in the CNY cup series and I need to grab my points for a victory celebration!!

Totals this week

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