Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Body Image

Size 26.2- This is a great video on how women who are physically fit still have body image issues.

Here's a shocker..I feel insecure most days too.

I try to hide it well and not care what people think but still have this little voice in my head saying oh look at that, look at this..ugh

Will all the advertisements showing what so called beauty is by posting half nude photoshopped pictures in magazines, how is a girl not to start self loathing??

After watching the video above, I plan to celebrate my body. The body that has given me the chance to swim many miles, Bike long distances and Run my heart out. The body that has carried 2 of the most beautiful children ever. The body who has gained and lost some throughout the years. The Body that is mine.

I will vow to not be negative and look at all the positives this day forward.


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