Sunday, December 28, 2014

IMLP Training Week #8

Today ended week #8. I am a little achy. I actually started running today and was dreading it after 30 min. My mind was just not into it. My Piriformis was acting up, my Ankle felt funny. Gosh I even hated the roads I was running on. I decided to focus more on mental strength at this point in the run and focus on what I could control. I ended up running 10.5 miles! Its amazing how your mind can be tricked into feeling good if you let it.

I will definitely need a foam roller tonight!!

I had a great week off with my family. I actually loved being home. I got so much accomplished in such a short time. Cuddling, playing, cleaning, working out was on repeat the whole week but it felt so good not to add the added stress of work in between those things.

The weather has been really interesting in my neck of the woods. It has been in the 40-50's all week. I got out and ran a few times. I wish I could've  biked outside too but my honeys schedule didn't allow me to this week. I am hoping next week I can hop outside if the weather cooperates. Biking in Upstate New York without 10 layers on in December is unheard of! I will take this mild winter any day!

30 weeks and counting!

WEEK totals:

Swim: 5800 Yards (1:47:00)
Bike: 88.2 miles   (4:45:20)
Run: 24.6 miles  (3;32:00)
Strength:40 minutes

Total time: 10:44:20

Happy Training!!

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