Sunday, December 21, 2014

IMLP Training Week 6&7

Wow. The last 2 weeks have flown by. Not much to report. Week 6 was a Down week, now ramping it back up for another 3 weeks.

I have been busy with work, Christmas shopping and training these past few weeks. It leaves me little time to blog about all the happenings in my life.

A little run down for the last 2 weeks:

I came in 3 OA in a Running RACE!! FINALLY!! I stayed with the lead pack for the first mile. Trying to hold onto that top female runner. She was just a wee bit faster than me! I do have to complain she won a trophy for overall, money, AND the age group award. I was pretty upset about it but whatever. I still came in 3rd OA!!!! 22:51! Woooo hooo! It was a small hometown race and I loved it. Not a bunch of hype. But could use a little updating on the timing and awards system.

My son is turning 2 on Christmas. We celebrated his birthday today with close family. I cannot believe he is turning 2 already..and that I was crazy enough to sign up for an IM. God bless my Honey's heart for being so loving and supportive!

I haven't nailed down my whole racing season yet. I am a little nervous to "race" anything but what my ultimate goal race. That of course being IM. Anyone else feel the same way?? Wouldn't want to break a hip or get a stress fracture ;-p

Total time for Week #6- 8:43:24 (4400 yds swim, 64.1 miles on the bike, 21.5 mi of running, 30 min strength)

Total time for week #7- 9:37:24 (5125 yds swimming, 88mi on the bike, 18.2 mi of running, 30 min of strength)

Hopefully my blog posts in the next coming weeks will be better since I am off from work the whole week!! Yay me! More time for family, friends..and of course TRAINING!!

Happy Training!

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