Monday, February 7, 2011

Last week in Review

Another week block of training in the bag! I never thought I would enjoy working out as much as I have over the last couple weeks. This has been my stress relief from work and everyday life. I think about everything and anything when Im training.

Last week went exceptionally well. I have to admit that I did skip a trainer ride because it was my Honeys birthday and we went to Outback for dinner and drinks. Hey, I need a margarita every now and then too!!

I have been playing with my nutrition and diet as well. Trying to figure out what works for me and what doesn't. Im getting there. Its a work in progress definately. But I am making strides. I was thinking about getting the new book on Ironman nutrition.

Im getting ready for the Shamrock 4 milers and they had great deals on GREEN things at Dicks so I picked up a few things. I also went online and got some CEP Green Compression socks! Woo hoo! I think they will match my Train-this outfit as well!! :)

I have been picking up some great running friends to tag along with me on my long runs! Time flies when you talk the whole time!

Here are the numbers!!

Strength 1 hour 30 min- Mixed in a little ab workout as well.
Swim- 2850 meters ; 2 hours
Bike- 4 hours 35 min- all trainer riding
Run- 21.82 miles- 3 hours 44 min

TOTAL 11 hours 49 Min!

Onto this week!! Enjoy!


  1. Great week! I love running so much more now that I have friends to share it with. It makes the long run more like a social event and less like a chore!

  2. 4 hours on the trainer! You Rawk!

  3. Great job on your week! I may have to make a trip to Dick's to pick up some green things too! :)

  4. Another great training week in the bag.

    And we all need a margarita every once in a while... totally allowed!