Monday, March 7, 2011

Week Review- Feb 28,2011- March 6,2011

Last week was a taper week to my Saturday Race. It didn't feel like it to me however. I really had some deep seated fatigue that I didn't know I even had until Tuesday after my Speed work. I just couldn't get it together the rest of the week. I still managed to get my workouts in, work and find time for family but all I wanted to do was rest and sleep.

By Thursday my legs were letting up and felt a little better about my 30 min run. I still had reservations of how I would do on race day because I just felt exhausted. I felt it in the pool, biking too.

Race day came and went and I felt great about the whole day.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling my bike so I skipped it as I have been dealing with some aching to the lateral aspect of my Right tibia. It doesn't feel like shin splints rather the muscle that attached there feels really tight. I have been wearing my compression stockings hoping that it will get better quickly. There is no pain with exercise, its afterwards. We will see what happens.

I still have been working on nutrition and have to say I did pretty well last week until after my race where I had some Pub food!!

Here is last week in numbers
Swim: 3800 meters- 1 hour 45 min
Bike: 1 hour
Run: 13.2 miles- 2 hours 4 min 54 sec

Total 4 hours 50 min 54 Sec.

Thank god for rest weeks!!!

This week is starting another training Block ending with Musselman 70.3 as the cumulative race!!

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  1. Sounds like the rest week came at the perfect time! :)

    Love the new picture!