Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What has been happening in my life

This week has been crazy. The weather here still doesn't know what it wants to do and we are getting blasted again with snow. I really want to get outside and ride my bike! Im really starting to go batty training on my trainer for 2 hrs and 45 min at a time!

I have made a conscious effort in my eating healthy. It has been exactly 3 days without any sweets at all. I am working on a 85/15 paleo diet right now. I can cheat 15% of the time with grains but this is it. I was upset with my boyfriend the other day as I told him I wanted to eat sensibly and more healthy and him and his friend thought that it would be a good Idea to order pizza and wings. I was upset and told him how I felt, baked and ate my Tilapia and veggies while they were scarfing down the Pizza. Yesterday, my guy knew how serious I was and started to ask me what he needed to do in order to support me in my process of eating well. Im on the right start! I've even got him to join me again for swimming and cycling sessions! Yah!

I had a fit the other day when I decided to wear a dress to work. It had a zipper on the back and I couldn't seem to get it all the way zipped up. I was in the locker room and didnt want to ask another person to help zip me up so I pulled it up and zipped it over my head, all while saying, a woman wouldn't have designed this outfit!!

I also was revved up about the gym again. Now the gym is very busy around 4-6 pm and this is when we decided to swim yesterday. I saw people waiting for parking spots. Now this gets me aggravated. Sure I will look for a spot up close if it is cold and raining, but to wait?! NO way! You are going to the gym people! it wont hurt to walk to the door too.

I finally saw who that Mark guy was that took my complaint call as I mentioned in a earlier post. He looked just like he sounded. Old jerk. Ah, that felt better that off my chest.

I received a nice letter of thank you from one of my patients this week and it really made me smile and be proud of the practitioner I am today. This is my passion to help people, to listen, to give advice. I guess I made the right choice. Somedays are harder than others but in the end I like what I do.

I have a hour ride to do so Im going to get cycling!

Happy training!


  1. So glad to hear your boyfriend is on your side!! It makes things a LOT easier.

  2. Wow great job on your trainer I think the longest I lasted was 2 hrs. I hope the weather gets better for you here it is a mix between nice weather and horrible wind but we're use to it.

  3. this weather is driving me NUTS! Good luck with your paleo eating, I hate to say I probably would have had the pizza, so nice job!

    Are you doing the training run this weekend?

  4. I tried to do 2 hours on the trainer the other day and could only do 90 mins. You are a cycling god!

  5. Molly- I don't think I will be there this weekend as I have a 2:45 ride and 30 min run on tap. Definately next weekend

  6. Happy to hear that your boyfriend is asking how he can support you! That shows how much he cares!!!! :)