Friday, March 4, 2011

Race Reflection- Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run

Well, Tomorrow at 11 AM I will embark on my 4 mile Run PR!! Oh yes, Im going for it!

Last Year at this time was when I just started Getting into training again. This year, I have been training since October so I have alot of Base going into this race.

Last year I did 38:57 which was 9:44min/Mile. I have been doing more in training than this now!!

The plan from coach is as follows:

Mile 1- No more than 8:20 per mile. Easy to do since this race has 3,000 participants tomorrow!! Of course this is dependant on if the Rain holds off!! Crossing my fingers!!

Mile 2- Settle in 8:20 or a little better

Mile 3- Kick it into gear and pass all the people that started too fast

Mile 4- Kick it hard and finish Puking...

Yep...this is my goal. Go until it hurts!!! Goal Time 33:00-35:30. I can do this!! Wish me luck!!!

Tomorrow Will be a Race Recap!!

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