Saturday, March 12, 2011

On the Upswing of Things

Thanks for all the kind words on the last post. I really just needed a break. I had a pretty intense training block prior to this and I think it did my body in. I know when I need rest and I will not push my body so that I get injured and cannot recover for my beloved Ironman this year.

I finally caved in and told my coach I couldn't work out any more this week and that I was beyond fatigued. I couldn't get myself out of bed to workout early in the morning yesterday. Thats how tired I was. I am pretty darn good at getting up between 4-5AM on my own!! I didn't. I couldn't. My body was saying NO!

Anyways, I ditched swimming Thursday as I was miserable about my telephone conversation with the Manager or whomever he may be at Gold's Gym. He was very rude when I told him my concerns and said that I was fabricating a little. Believe me, if I could reach through the phone and slap this guy around I probably would have. WHY would I call and lie about how I feel about the pool not being open, the equipment being broken, Nothing for my daughter to participate in while Im there, the daycare having 20 children to 1 person. CONCERNS?! Definately!! I don't LIE, do not call me a liar!! Im still upset. They will not let me cancel my membership as I signed a contract until December 2011. Its purely ridiculous. Why should I sit here and pay money to a company that doesn't serve their customers correctly?? I hate even walking in the door everyday and it is really starting to affect me. I have 9 months of payments left. purely ridiculous.

Anyways. I rested all day yesterday except at work. But I got to sit alot because I can at work, so it helped.

I got a few emails from coach that said, rest it out. "If you werent getting fitter you wouldn't need the rest!!", "All the athletes are going through this right now, not just you, even the men. They just admitted it." I felt better hearing these words. But inside I don't want to fail. But at the same time I know Im not failing. I have PRd, I have shaved minutes off my swim times, I am a cycling fool. So I have nothing to be ashamed of right now. Have you found out I have a Type A personality yet?!

So today, I am resting up again. I will be back out tomorrow to do my long run with my friends. I will do what I can. It doesn't make me weaker, its only making me stronger in the end.

I know my body. I have always been the one to need more sleep and more rest from anything. So if I need it, so be it.


  1. Do you think the attorney general's office could help you with getting out of that Gold's contract? It's not like Gold's is living up to its end of the contract. I'm glad I quit there; it was really getting ridiculous, in many ways.

  2. I don't know Molly! I'd have to look into it!

  3. Great choice!

    That sucks about the Golds Gym. I wanna smack the guy for you!

  4. I was going to suggest the same thing as Molly. If you pressure the company enough, they'll let you go without a problem. It sounds like they are quite obviously not doing their part.

    And as far as the rest, we all take a break eventually. We're not all machines. Even the Ironman world champions burn out from time to time and take a day or two.

  5. Go above the jerk on the phone. Tell them that you are starting a personal campaign. You have documented your concerns and you are going to tell everyone that you know of the conditions at the gym.
    Tell them you are going to complain to the better business bureau and that you are writing to the editor of the news paper. Tell them that you are printing up flyers that you are going to put around the neighborhood. Tell them that you are starting an on-line petition and that you are rallying your facebook, twitter and blogger friends and forming a Gold’s Gym boycott.

    And then do it. Just do bend the truth at all. Tell it completely like it is. They will be begging for you to leave.

  6. Enjoy the rest. It is much deserved and needed I am sure!

  7. How are you paying for the Gym Membership? Do they have an juicy info on you like your social? Can you just stop paying? Put a stop payment on checks or tell your credit card company to stop the gym to bill you? If they can't hurt your credit, screw em!

  8. JON! How come I didn't think of that?!! I need to find out! Great thinking!!

  9. 20-1 in a daycare is not right. I would definitely write to their corporate on that.

    Glad a bit of a rest turned spirits around!

  10. I would look into stopping the payment too Kristin. They aren't providing what they promise in their contract... or at least what's acceptable! :)

    Glad you are resting! You'll come back stronger for sure!