Friday, September 3, 2010

Saddle Soreness

Ok, I have this problem that is a very touchy subject if you ask me. I cannot believe my saddle is causing me this much grief 16 days out of my Half Ironman.

I have gotten a bike fit and a new Adamo Century X saddle and this didnt seem to end my saddle soreness. My groin was hurting for a couple days after.

I have changed about 5 seats now and still cannot find one I am 100% comfortable on. I went down on the trainer for an hour today and finally found one that is ok and that I probably can tolerate. My friend Sam let me borrow it to try out. I hope he lets me keep it until race day. It is the Adamo Race saddle. Im comfortable in tri position on this seat but not so much if Im going to be climbing. Maybe I just have to get used to it?? Im stumped.

I then thought maybe I should get another bike fit. But another $125 is not an option at this point. I think it would be a waste of time..or maybe not.

I just need some guidance as to if I should go for another bike fit or keep riding until the saddle is comfortable. Im taking my bike back out on Monday to Ride the 70.3 course for the last time before race day. Im hoping it wont be too bad on this seat. We will have to see.


  1. That's a bummer about the saddle. Honestly, if you have tried over 5 saddles and you're still having pain, my guess is it's something about your bike fit. Have you tried tilting the nose of the saddle down a bit or moving your saddle front or back a bit? Maybe some minor tweaks is all it will take to make it more comfortable! I hope you're able to figure it out soon!

  2. I have an Adamo road. It's similar to the Adamo race but is slightly more padded. I am great on it in aero but to be honest it's not great for non-aero positions AKA long climbs like in Lake Placid and Syracuse. However it is tolerable and like you I do not have the money to throw down for another saddle to test out!

  3. Yes Alexa. That is what kills me is when Im out of aero. I have a few saddles that I got from a friend to try. I ended up putting my Century X saddle back on...UGH