Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Taper Week

Well so far this has been a great taper week! I've actually spent alot of time with my family who really have not seen me all that much this summer!!

I have not made it out to my favorite lake to swim this week..these dark mornings have made me want to sleep in more!

I have 4 more days until the big day. It was nice to see in the local news there was an article all about the Syracuse 70.3. You can find it at

Yes they ask can you complete this course?!! And they give examples of what each leg of the course would be like 1.2 miles is equal to walking around the outside of the State Fair. and 56 mile bike would be from here to Watertown.

I do have expectations this week. I would like to finish around 6 hours. I have mapped it out in my head a billion times. I think it is doable. If not I will not be upset as this is only my first and quoted one of the most Challenging 70.3s on the Ironman Series!! With 2700 feet of elevation gain, it is tough!! But not undoable as I have ridden the course 3 times now. I know where I can push and where I need to take it slow.

A Fellow triathlete who is also a coach gave me a few pointers that I would like to share and I will be thinking about these all day this Sunday:

1. The hardest part is the start
2. Leave your ego at the door when mounting your bike
3. Ride for show run for dough!!!
4. If someone passes you on the bike....let them may pass them on the run

Thanks Mary Eggers For all your wisdom! And by the way she just placed 2nd OA Female at her Half Iron!! 4:59!! Way to go!! Did I mention she will be coaching me for my FIRST IRONMAN next year?!! Yep I said it!! Look out people!! :)


  1. Awesome on the coaching next year! Good luck these final 4 days.

  2. Great thoughts to remember for the tri! I will have to put those in my training log to remember them!

    Full ironman! You go girl!

  3. Good thoughts... might steal those too. ;)

    What full are you considering?

  4. hey now! welcome to Train-This!

  5. I'm so excited for you, how great to be able to do 70.3 right where you live. Good luck, I'll be thinking of you!!!!