Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Long-er Ride- Taper Time!!

Today was my last day of riding high mileage. I met a few of the guys at the Syracuse 70.3 course this morning at 9AM. I wanted to try my road bike today to see if there was a difference in the riding experience.

Let me just say, riding my Tri bike on this course is way better. The last 2 times I have ridden this course I was in the lead. Well today, I was falling off the back end of people!! UGH! Not to mention the 11mph wind gusts that sucked the life out of you as well.

I had a really thought riding my road bike would be faster as this course is all uphill for the first 12miles. I just seemed to not have the aero going down the hills and everyone would be on the next hill before I made it down the back side of the last hill.

Needless to say on Race Day I have decided to go all out with my Tri bike. I made up alot of time on my road bike on the back end of the course but think I could've pushed harder if I was riding my tri bike. Also, for the first time this season my inner thigh cramped up and I think it is because I wasn't keeping up with the nutrition today. I was so caught up in catching up with the crew that I would forget to drink!!

I was almost in a melt down at the end but held it together. I felt my spirits go down...until I looked at my time. 3:18. This is with 2 stops on the course to regroup. Not too shabby!! Im hoping for at least a 3hr to 3:15 bike split. But I will not be unhappy if I did more on race day as this is my first 70.3!!

Im trying to keep my confidence up as this is a challeging course. I am going to hold back a little on the bike so I can run my 13.1miles afterward.

Everyone was asking today what my goal is for this HIM. I have no expectations really but to finish standing up, keep myself hydrated and keep my nutrition in check!! 


  1. Yay for a great bike ride! You are doing to do awesome in your race! :)

  2. Sounds like a great ride but I understand those breakdown moments!

  3. You're going to do great, you know what you need to do, so just focus on that, and keep up the confidence. Enjoy the taper!!!!

  4. Bike for show, run for dough!!!! Keep that cadence up on the bike, it's a good barometer for how hard you are going, let the people pass who pass and go HUNT THEM DOWN ON THAT RUN!

  5. I will try to hunt them down MARY!! LOL!! Im hoping they will poop out on the run so I can pass them!!!