Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saddle Happiness- Well... getting there

Yesterday I called the Local Bike shop that I have been hearing some great raves about over in Manlius, NY called Bike Loft East. I called as they had an add on the webpage stating they were giving out free bike inspections to all the Syracuse 70.3 participants. I was excited to hear that Jeremy, the owner, could take me right in that same day!! This never happens! I also asked if he could do a bike fitting and he was agreeable to this as well!!

I was greeted by a warm and friendly gentleman when I got there. Needless to say this was Jeremy. While talking to Jeremy, I was told stories of how he was a bike mechanic to some pro teams over in France. How cool is that?!!! Even his wife is French and was vacationing over there this week!  He has been fixing bikes since he was a little kid. I thought awesome I am going to love this bike fit!

Jeremy was very patient with me and my saddle soreness. I explained to him my various aches and pains. He first just observed me while riding. He noticed my seat was too low...He moved this up. Next my cleats werent in the right position so he fixed this as he noticed my right knee comes in while I was cycling so he put a plastic thingamabobber in my right shoe to force my foot to be in the correct allignment.
He then took a peak back at my saddle length and moved my seat up some more. More measurements, etc.

Then, He put a different stem to the front of my tri bars to bring me in closer for more aerodynamics and less reaching for my Tri bars...and WHALAH!!!! I am almost...ALMOST free of saddle pains!!! Im so excited to ride my bike now!!

Next he took my bike into the back of the shop and Meticulously...anally...whatever you want to call it..looked over every single piece of my equipment. My front derailler was chain was cleaned and lubed, brakes fixed, wiring fixed to make me more aero, tires checked, Nuts and bolts all tightened, gears all checked out.

By the time we left it was 2 hours later, and I didnt break my bank!! I was then invited to be on the Bike Loft Team. I graciously said yes! The team was formed to help with exposure of the shop as well as getting out to the community that racing whether it be moutain biking, cyclocross, road racing or triathlons, it is all about the fun and fitness!! Now I need to buy an Orbea bike as it is a 20% discount!!

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  1. That's awesome! And you got asked to be on a team... bonus! Invest in the Orbea... best bike I've ever ridden! I love mine!

  2. so cool you were asked to be a part of the team! And you'll be comfortable now to boot!!

  3. Congrats! FYI, buy an Orbea! I love mine! She is a great bike and fun to ride!