Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Half Iron Man Nutrition strategy

"First of all unless you plan on making a living on this sport its all about having fun" (Kind words from Coach Al Lyman)

On race day I Know I will have done the training and will be physically ready for this race. Its taper time and the thought wheel is rolling. Yes I've practiced race day nutrition 100 times, even have switched my stragedy probably another dozen or so times, but now I feel like Im ready. I know what my body needs and how I can acheive that. I know that Im a salty sweater, so my needs are totally different than someone elses, I know I need more protein than other people as well. This is all what training is about!!! Bottom line is you race much more with your mind and heart than your arms and legs.

Successful racing is about smart decision making and execution. I have to stay in the moment and stick to my plan. But, I need to realize my plan might change at any given moment and need to be prepared if a change needs to take place. I need to listen to my body and the signals it is giving me. I need to RACE SMART

I have been visualizing all parts of this HIM for a few days now. Seeing myself execute it all, seeing myself doing well.

The afternoon before I plan on doing my carb loading with my whole wheat pasta with Veges and chicken stirred into it. Then a light dinner.

Race morning I plan on sticking to what has been working 600-800 cal 2-3 hours before race start. Bagel with egg, and cheese on it, side of oatmeal, and smoothie. hmmm maybe that is more calories?!! IDK it works!!

Im going to start sipping water immediately when I wake up..

15-20 min prior to swim,,,1 Strawberry Kiwi Accel Gel. YUMMMMM

Im planning on getting a Bento BoX to keep everything right in my eyesight to force me to drink.. eat...

My Bike I have been doing Hammer Perpetuem Orange Vanilla-- I mix 3 scoops with water in 2 24 oz bottles and then place it in my huge Aqua Cell that sits right in front of me. I then take 2 waters on the back of my bike...(Adding 5 lbs to my load...lol..) I sip on the Perpetuem Every 15 min followed by a swig of water. At mile 12 I start eating my Power Bar Smoothie Energy Bar...Absolutely amazing taste. At mile 20 I take another accel gel, mile 40 start eating another bar, mile 50 another accel gel...phew..all while downing my 4 bottles of liquid. I also supplement with sodium every hour as well as I am a salty sweater. I have been using Marguerita shot blocks/endurolytes.

I have done this 3 times now and have done great..

I have used Accelgels and water on the run...

Hoping this holds up in race day!!

What is your race day strategy?????


  1. That sounds like a great strategy to me. The most important thing is that you've trained with that stuff, which it sounds like you have! I have a bento box and I LOVE it! I fill it with a mix of cut up clif bars, fig newtons, and shot bloks and just eat out of it during the race.

  2. Sounds like you know what you're going to do and that's the most important thing. Allow for some flexibility though... if things don't sit right for some reason. But, with you having already practiced this a few times, you should be good to go! :)

    I do all kinds of weird things on rides and in races... fig newtons, pbj's, sport beans, Marathon Bars. I just make sure I have options in case something doesn't sound good anymore or isn't working!