Friday, August 20, 2010

What makes a great race?

I often think to myself, what makes a great race? Coming up on my first Olympic this weekend has got my wheels a turning trying to execute a great race in my head.

I have a few preparations that I need to do beforehand. For one, Fix my darn seat!! I have been having a hard time getting used to any seat in aero position. You think by now, that it is the end of the season, my whoo ha would feel good on a seat by now! I even got my bike fitted and it made no big difference!!

Thoughts of what a great race means to me:

1. Having everything packed and ready to go the night before, including my nutrition needs. This weekend I will be drinking Strawberry HEED on the bike...YUM.

2. Getting a nice wholesome breakfast in of Boost and Bagel with Peanut butter...always a pre race Fav..

3. Being out the door with minutes to spare, not rushing

4. Getting to the venue nice and early to help pre-race jitters, scope out the course and get either a swim or small bike ride in..

5. Having a great spot in transition, everything lined up perfectly

6. Being able to smile and laugh throughout the whole race (I have yet to get here all the way)

7. Nailing my nutrition needs

8. Executing my Swim, Transitions, Bike and Run. Im a little slower on the run than I'd like to be, so if I can keep my run as well as Iron Girl I will do well this weekend.

9. Having Great race support and post workout grub..

10. Not being sick at the finish line.

11. And knowing no matter how I place, that I did this for me, I did this for enjoyment, health and self gratification and thats all that matters.

What makes a great race for you???


  1. Hi Kristin--congratulations on your placing in Delta today! And under some tough conditions too. The Iron Girl two weeks ago was my first and I'm glad to say, it was a great race--mostly because I finished feeling good and strong. My nutrition worked well and I had fun. But when I think what will really make for a great race as I look to the future, it will be getting stronger in the swim and faster in my run times and then having all the other things work out as well. Lots to learn but I'm thankful for folks like you who keep me inspired.