Saturday, August 14, 2010

Im in a Funk

I don't know why Im in a funk this week. Its really starting to annoy me. I can pretty much say I have done all my workouts except a few. I don't know if it is because I did alot over the last weekend or my body needs a mental health day.

Random Thoughts that have been creeping in my head:

1. What was I thinking signing up for a hilly first 70.3??

2. Will I need to change to a compact now??

3. Im really a better athlete on flat pancake rides.

4. My hip has been acting up again on long runs. But not to the point I have to stop running

5. I did my whole run yesterday without music. I kept singing in my head "Im not afraid"
    By Eminem...good song.

6. Why on every run do I get beeped at and waved to?? Do you know me?? Because I
     cannot see you to know who you are.

7. I am very pleased at how relaxing swimming has come to me. 2500 meters in 57 min is great for me!!!

8. I hate being the only provider sometimes in my office. Makes me stressed out. I wish I
     could call a Substitute NP in. But then that wouldn't be good for business...

9. My boyfriend is in a bigger funk than me and I think he might not do the 70.3 with me...

10. I keep trying to think of the positives. That Im strong and able to complete anything I set
       my mind to. I have only given up once when my chain almost broke. So I will stick to
      this and come out on top.

Happy Training!!!


  1. the funk hits us all at times! Go watch a couple of the Ironman clips on youtube - that always give me a little kick in the pants!

  2. Jeff- Thanks for stopping by!! I was just watching clips of Ironman on TV where they cut off a guy after being 7 sec too late out of the water!! I started crying like a big baby!! To imagine getting all that way and that little bit of time stopping you!! I would be heartbroken as well!!