Monday, August 23, 2010

Lake Delta Race Report

Sunday started off with wakin up at 4:30a to be out the Door by 5:30. I had all my things packed so I was hoping the morning would go smoothly, and for the most part it did.

Besides waking up my boyfriend about 8 times, taking the dog out who doesn't like the rain, we made it out the door by 5:35. I feuled up in the car with my ritual Egg and cheese Bagel and a Smoothie.

We were on The thruway about 15 min into the ride when I remember I left my Zoot race tights on the table. Oh I was so upset about that. I thought here we go, Im going to cramp on the run. See I wore these at Iron Girl and had a Phenominal race so now they are my staple item. I crabbed to my boyfriend and kept on driving.

There was light showers all the way there and  I kept thinking to myself I hope the rain stops. Fat chance.

We got to Lake Delta about an hour early. Great to get pre-race jitters out of the way, set up transition and go for a little swim. All of which I did.

The race started on time with the females going out 5 min later than the men. The lake was calm at first but when the rain started coming it started to get a little more choppy. The Swim was an out a back course which we had to do twice. I got hit a couple of times by the Slow men that I caught up to but held my line and kept moving forward. The swim felt long to me, more like a 1.2 mile swim.

Swim time-  33:08. (not going to complain as this is my First Olympic distance)

T1- went off without any problems!! Time: 57 sec.

The Bike leg was a 2 loop out and back course as well. It was a little deceiving on the way out. Supposedly this was a flat course...ha, no there was an incline and when the wind hit I was only pushing 15mph which I wasn't happy about at all!! But on the back side I was doing 25-27 mph, so I cannot complain too much. The rain was pelting me in the face and on my back but I kept on trucking along.

Bike time- 1:10:11             ( I was 4th out of 48 women)

T2- when I came into transition, I took my feet out of my shoes on the bike, but I was scared to hop off my bike. I had a fear I would slip in front of everyone. So I got off the normal way. Ok, Im getting there SLOWLY!!!   Time- 39 Sec.

Run-I put on the most soggy shoes ever. Now I thought I was going way faster than my time shows. I guess it goes to show you Im not a very fast runner. I have really focused on this part since Iron Girl as I know it is my weakest link. But Im still not making the strides I want in running. I saw Mary Eggers when I was running. She was on her third loop when I was on my second. She looked amazing! Not to mention the big smile she had on her face. Go Mary!! I did end up with a few blisters on my feet from the wetness. No more Sauconys for running in the rain. Should've worn my Zoots!!

Run time 56:47

Total time 2:41:41

2nd Place in AG                                   
10/48 Females
67/157 Participants


  1. Mary is my coach! she said the swim was long.. so I wouldn't worry about that. congrats on your first olympic distance!

  2. Thanks Alexa!! I think I need Mary to coach me!!!

  3. Congrats on that Age Group win!!! Can't believe you had to race in such crappy weather, nice job!

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog!!!

    Congrats on an awesome first olympic! Despite the rain, you did awesome... and 2nd in your AG? Way to go girl!

  5. Again, awesome job! You are an exceptional athlete and I see big things in your future, especially as you go longer and longer. Keep it uP!