Monday, August 2, 2010

Training notes and hours

I cannot believe it is already August!!! 6 weeks until the BIG day!!! Im getting nervous, anxious, butterflies and all the other stuff that comes with doing a new thing for the first time. NEW meaning an New distance to add to the mix!!

I have been doing very well with my swimming lately and it has been paying off. Im more relaxed in the water and really dont care if someone wants to elbow me or kick me. Im staying my line and that is it.

I have been really pushing on the bike. Trying to keep my cadence up without pounding the pedals. That has paid off with my unbelievable fast 20-22 mph Ave speeds on training days. Hopefully I can keep this up this Upcoming weekend with The Aflac Irongirl Race coming up.

I am also trying to maintain focus on cadence and good run form after coming of a hard bike.

I've also been Trying different sports drinks out to see which one will settle on race day. I have got my plan almost to a "T". Itll be time for execution before I know it.

I am proud to say I PRd Sat on my 6.2 mile run in 54 min!!! woot!! I tried to just focus on proper form and my breathing the whole time and did better!!!

Month of JULY numbers:

Swim- 22,400 meters= 14mi     10hrs 29 min
Bike- 266.5 miles  14hrs 8 min 35 sec
Run- 51.44 miles  7hrs 55min 27 sec

PHEW!!! That was a lot of calculating!!! :) Now I will start next week with weekly reports up to race week!!!

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