Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mixed adventures

Today was a day of mixed adventures. We started off car shopping as my lease is almost up on my Jeep Liberty. I can honestly say I am ready to give this car back. As soon as I walked into the dealership I was greeted like a red carpet star with paparrazi ready to snap a picture. But they were eager and greedy to get to me to make a sale instead. I had a few cars in mind. I still cannot decide what I want so I left the guy hanging without any notice that I would be back to make a deal or not. Oh well, Im sure they made a sale today on some other sucker.

Next was our trip to Petland. I wanted to see what animals they had in stock. The lady said they get new dogs in every Tuesday and after strict observation they can come out to play on Fridays. Now today, the store was packed with kids playing with open ferrets, birds, hamsters. Me I wanted nothing to do with any of them. I wanted to look at the dogs. See I have been thinking about getting a dog for a while. One that can prance around with me when I run. I told the guy our expectations and he pointed out some dogs to us. A lady came over to us in her safari uniform and set us into a socialization room where we could bond with the dog of our choice. The first one was a PUG. That puppy was filled with so much energy, I think she bit me about 10 times in the 10 min we got to play with her. Next up for our socialization was a collie. The puppy was so scared for the first few minutes I felt so bad. I picked him up and held him close. He was shaking. I put him  down on the floor and all of a sudden the walls came down and he started playing with my daughter and My boyfriends shoe laces. The last puppy we looked at was a Boston Terrier. My favorite dog ever. I just wanted to scoop him up in my shirt and jet out of the store. We decided on asking how much it would be to take the puppy home. It will be 1200 the lady said to us. I was floored at how much they wanted for this dog. I reluctantly gave the dog back and cried inside. I will definately look for a Boston somewhere else. I guess pure breds are very expensive, but this one wasn't even registered yet!!!

We did a few more errands, running to the Bike shop for some accessories. I decided to pick up a double AquaCell bottle to put in my aerobars for the HIM. I like the bottle. It has a 32oz compartment and a 16 oz one as well. I will put water in the smaller one and my PowerBar Endurance in the other one. This should last me a couple hours.

Lastly, we hopped into the local pool for a dip. It was a hot day but the pool is in the shade and it was a little chilly. I asked my boyfriend to take a short video of my swimming. You see, everyday I include a little portion of my ventures as a triathlete. Even if it means sneeking strokes in while Im playing with my daughter in the pool!! Here is a Video of my stroke:

This was a quick video but I think I need to Keep my arms a little closer to the water and glide a little bit more, but otherwise I like the way my stroke looks!! 1 week from today is IRONGIRL!! It is a sprint race off of Oneida Shores in New York. I want to go all out and hold nothing back!! Hopefully I will be happy with the results!!


  1. Kristin! Your stroke looks great, your hand entry is good, your roll is good. If you stop the video at 0:12 you can see that you pull with a straight arm. You want a bent elbow and keep your thumb under the midline of the body. drills I would reccomend for this are the fist drill, catch up freestyle and pulling with paddles.
    A good site for drills is:

  2. I have been noticing this alot more!! thanks for the input and website!!

  3. Congrats on your awesome numbers - with only 6 weeks to go, you must have a tummy full of butterflies!!!!

    As for Boston terriers, have you looked for a rescue group? If you know this is the breed you want, you just may be able to save a pup from a bad situation by going through a breed specific rescue. Petland, and places like it, are what keep puppy mills in business. You just may be able to find exactly what you want for a lower price AND know you are making its life a whole hell of a lot better than it was. Just a thought!!!!