Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back to Training

Last week was a frightful week. Tuesday morning I went out with other triathletes to our usual swim spot we were on our way back when I felt like I couldn't catch my breath, couldn't get air in. I yelled to a couple of people next to me and told them I couldn't breathe. They helped my back to shore. I kept my cool the whole way and was applauded by my efforts to remain calm even though I felt like someone sucked every bit of life out of me!

As we were sitting on shore, I kept coughing. Coughing to the point I was coughing up pink frothy sputum. All the way home in the car I was considering just taking myself to the ER because I still couldn't breathe. I finally made it home and had my boyfriend take me to the Urgent Care center by our house. Needless to say they didn't want to keep me there because of my condition so I was carried away on an ambulance to the ER.

AFter 10 hours in the ER, they finally diagnosed me with Viral Pneumonia. I had a total of 3 nebulizers, 2 IV antibiotics, a Chest xray, a CT scan of my chest and and ECHO. They thought maybe a blood clot to the lung at one point. Thank god that wasn't the case because my training probably wouldve been over for a while.

2 days post ER visit, my body decided against the antibiotics and I had a rash from head to toe!! I then needed a course of Prednisone which didn't sit well with my body, made me nauseas and wired at the same time. Kinda weird feeling.

I finally got the ok to get back to training from my doctor on Friday. I set out for a swim..did great. then a 30 min run which was great as well.

Since then I've watched the Tour De France, Had a bunch of cupcakes, potato salad, hamburgers and Hotdogs as it is 4th of July!!!

Ill start again tomorrow...possibly 10 pounds heavier!! LOL!!!

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