Monday, July 19, 2010

No it isnt your thyroid or any other reason

Im a bit steamy from work today so I thought I'd right a post about it.

Most of my day to day activities involve mostly overweight woman who want to talk about weight loss.

They say to me...I cant seem to lose weight..There must be something wrong with me. Its got to be my thyroid. Then I ask them about how much exercise they do daily...

"Well I sit on my couch and use a rower with my arms or legs, and occasionally I use my Wii Fit."
me- well, are you working up a sweat for at least 30-40min daily

"I think so yeah" (YEAH, RIGHT)

ME- How are you eating?? Do you eat well balanced meals including lean meats, fresh fruits, veges and little snacking on free sweets??"

"Well, I think so. Yeah I will I admit I snack alot, and I eat late at night, But for the most part I eat well"

ME- in my head (YEAH RIGHT) well its all about nutrient timing and how you exercise. 90%  of weight gain is because of diet and exercise imbalance. You have to take in less calories and burn more to lose weight

"Well, I want my thyroid checked, and could I try some weight loss pills?"

ME--Diet and exercise will work just as well, there is no quick fix, it is a life long commitment to eating healthy and exercising. I will check your thyroid, but I doubt thats the cause of your OBESITY

It is an epidemic and it is hitting my Family Practice office!!! Help!! Im going insane!!

Ok...Im done now


  1. Sounds familiar. I used to own a personal training facility for 7 years and before that, 8 years at a hospital wellness ctr, and the excuses made me crazy! Basically, it boils down to people underestimating the amount they eat and overestimating the amount of exercise they are doing. They are only fooling themselves and that's why I had no problem giving them a dose of the truth...reality check! And that's all you can do too. Deep breath.

  2. My husband is in the health profession and he comes home with the same stories. He just doesn't understand how some of his patients can be so clueless when it comes to eating healthy and doing things to help them lose weight. Most of them want a quick fix, but that just isn't realistic.

  3. I totally agree with you both. Some of my patients can handle the truth..others want a quick fix. Then I tell them Its hard for me everyday too and they look at me like I dont struggle with weight. Its because I work to keep myself fit.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your favorite drill comment. I LOVE that drill and it is very hard to do, but man! does it do wonders for your balance.