Thursday, July 29, 2010


One of My weekly sessions is being a supporting cast to a Training Series. Every Wednesday Evening we gather all our training gear and head Down to Oneida Shores for a few hours of training. What I love about this is meeting new triathletes and how excited they are to be trying the sport out. One of the local Triathlons hitting the scene in August is Iron Girl. If you haven't heard about all the races of IronGirl check it out on

One girl came up to me and asked me where you would change after the swim. I kindly said you wear tri shorts and a tri top or a race suit so there is no need to change in between.

Another girl came up to me congratulating me on my AG win at Henderson Harbor. I was like how do these people know what I did?? I guess its a good thing to have followers.

Another girl asked me to help her change her tire as she didn't know how to. I quickly showed her how to change that flat. I think I was under 5 min. (maybe)

Oneida Shores Training Series

The tri training series consists of 600m swim, 12 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run. You can do any portion you want as long as you are back by the designated time which is 2 hours. Last night I did a 2 loop swim in 21 min. I came into transition, took my time getting on my bike, tried keeping my shoes on my bike but got nervous with all the runners in the area running as well, didn't want to crash. I ended up keeping a 22mi/hr ave speed, went out for my run and back in 25 min. When I got back to the table a lady came up to me and asked me if I did the whole bike ride. I said yes. She sighed and said, I don't know how you did it when you were just putting along in transition. I was floored. I have to admit, I am a good bike rider. I have bee racing bikes for 4 years now. I love speed and the faster I go the better I feel. I looked away and then looked back at her and said. Its all about gearing and cadence and if you put those 2 together correctly you will have speed and its about training as well. I decided to also tell her that I did 2 swim loops. Nothing more was said.

Training Series

Everyone is eager to learn, every one has determination written on their faces, possibly a little female rivalry as well with IronGirl Coming up. Last night we had over 200 people training!!! Wow! To think our Tri-club has tripled its number of members in 1 year. This goes to show you how much the triathlon world has exploded here in Central New York.

IronGirl is next weekend and my goals are to beat my times from last year. I am not going to worry about any other woman. Beating the clock is what its all about.


  1. Wow! 200 athletes for a training night?! Thats the size of a race!

  2. I know!! HOw crazy!! We should start charging!! :)