Sunday, July 11, 2010

Henderson Harbor Sprint Triathlon Recap

It was certainly a great morning yesterday for a race, and having been preparing and training for the 70.3 I have some little races Im doing to really focus on transitioning and not panicking in the water.

Yesterday was the day I managed to do both fairly well!!!

Henderson Harbor is on Eastern Lake Ontario, Just a little over an hour North of Syracuse and about 17 miles west from Watertown area. Its really a relaxed, Picturesque, rural community. See more about this beautiful place at

Ok back to the Tri. The cost of this Triathlon was very cheap and one of the reasons I chose it with all the other costs coming out of the expense pool this year. Also, the money raised funds for Children's Home of Jefferson County and CREDO Community Center

We arrived pretty early, about 7:15am as we had to pick up our race packet before 8:15a. I was number 123. I got body marked and out to the transition area to pick a good spot. Its nice to get to the transition area a little early because it helps to pick a spot that will make transition times faster. I picked a spot closer to the bike and run leg out and directly in the middle of the swim exit. Perfect. 
My Transition Area
Bike and Run Leg

This tri I wanted to try putting my shoes on the bike and take of from T1. I thought I was taking a risk but what the heck. Why not try it??

Me deciding to put my shoes on the bike

After viewing the course in my mind and how I wanted to do well, I settled into my wetsuit. It was hard getting it on as the humidity was starting to creep and I took a warm-up run before putting it on. I have been using Trislide and absolutely loving it. Its like a thin silicone layer that goes between your skin and the wetsuit. I like it better than BodyGlide. 

Game Faces- Mine is always Sweeter!!! :)

Next my boyfriend and I warmed up in the Lake. We went out to the first buouy which was about 200 meters away. It was cold at first but the water was so clear and calm it was a great warm-up swim.

We then listened to some announcements and got into the water. I wanted to try being up front and making people pass me. I settled into a spot a little inwards on the right hand side. The horn went off and we were on our way!! I got kicked and hit and jossled a bit at the beginning but maintained my composure. I couldn't find anyone my speed to draft off of so I basically spotted and swam my own race!!

Swim:  12:47 (600 meters)

I had a little fumble in swim out which I think cost me some time but not much..I almost stopped because I couldn't find my wetsuit zipper string.

T1- 59 sec (Fastest T1 EVER!!) executed

Bike mount- since I decided to try the shoes on the bike this time. I was a little nervous. got on my bike the regular way and was almost greaet until my left shoe fell right off my bike! I had to run a little ways to pick it up but made the time up on the bike!! The bike leg had a few climbs but nothing major. It was a 15.5 mile loop. Very scenic. The temperature was now creeping up a bit and I could feel it at the end of the bike leg

Bike 45:35 (3rd female fastest time!) over a 20 mile ave speed!

At the end of the bike leg, my feet came out of my shoes and on top. Executed!!

T2- 42 sec (Another fastest ever!!)

Run leg- this is were I bottom out. It was a 4 mile out and back course. I felt strong up until this point. I couldn't breathe as the heat pounding down and with no forgiveness in sight. I managed to run more slowly than I wanted to. I hate it when 8 women pass me because my run is slow. I definately need to work on this!! I feel everytime I run my asthma wants to take over. my legs wanna go but my lungs say NO WAY!!

Run- 39:15.

Total Time 1:39:18

Nice Mug!!

1st place in Age group. 13/73 females, 84/198 people.


  1. First place in your group! Congrats, verrrry cool!