Saturday, July 24, 2010

Movie Snacking GUILT

Me and the little one went to see Despicable Me last night. We stopped at the store in the mall to get snacks for our little outing. We hid them in our shorts so no one would see that we had some goodies that werent from the cinemas snack bar. Who cares is what I say. I dont get why it matters. I know they are trying to profit but come on. Its ridiculous the prices of the things they sell there, not to mention the sizes!! A medium is bigger than the super sized drink at McDonalds!!!

We were well on to watching the movie when I pulled out my movie sized box of Butterfingers. Ok. I have to admit that I am a choco-holic, no matter what it is. If it has chocolate on it, I will eat it. It could be a sardine and I just might give it a try...HA HA!!

Well, I ended up eating the whole box!! Except for 1 that I gave my boyfriend!! I said to myself Im only going to eat a few and put the rest away.....yeah right that didn't work.

So after the movie, which was so cute, I looked at the nutrition content. Should I just say that the serving size per container was 2.5....2.5!!!!! I think I almost cried at that point. I think I shed a tear. How guilty I felt at that moment.

I said to my boyfriend, I feel like the lady on my last blog!!!! He looks at me and says, you stilll look the same to me and it is one day!! You have been eating well for a while now. I decided not to dwell on what I did but try to be concious of it in the future.

Now time to eat my banana and oatmeal...

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