Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tour De France and training


What could be better than watching the Tour De France and Training on the trainer?!!!

I had the most enjoyable ride watching the Tour De France with my significant other while we were on our trainers trying to escape the 96 degree humid temps outside today. There was a heat index advisery in effect for New York today as temperatures soared into the upper 90s as it has been for the last couple days.

Alot of Crashes in the Tour the last Few Days...Geesh!!

My boyfriend and I have a few favorites in the Tour...of course Lance is my favorite, so is Schleck brothers...poor Frank Scheck broke his collarbone..hope everything heals well for him. Im also a favorite of Levi Leipheimer. I just cant decide who I like the most!! I wish they would air the Female Version of the Tour!!! But of course it isn't as popular! :(

I also tried getting in and out of my tri shoes as I was riding..I have made Progress...I might even try it at the Henderson Harbor Triathlon this weekend~

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