Friday, June 17, 2011

ItS Friday, Friday!!

Wow I haven't posted in a few days!! Its been a crazy mad house! Thinking about this weekend. My daughters activities. I think I lost my mind a few times.

I had a great week. I met up with a triathlete friend that I have known for the past 3 years. She has done IM Kentucky, IM Placid, IM Florida just to name a few. We did a ride together and it was nice to know we are about the same bike wise and we hung in together for a 2 hour ride in the sun.

One thing I didn't like was all the dogs chasing us on one of the country roads we went on!!! Isn't there leash laws out in the country too. One guy said "shes ok" to a dog that ran out and started chasing us. yeah buddy, you never know!!! A few German Shepards, Rotweillers, Pit Bulls to name a few were running at us. Good thing I had my sprint legs ready because I sure used them!

I did a tempo run on Wednesday instead of a Endurance run...Whoops! I think when you put on a training series and run with everyone you find yourself going faster. It felt good though so I ran with it. It was hot and muggy!! Phew!

I am off to Lake Placid in 3 hours!!! I am training with my COACH and TEAM!!! How can it get any better?!! Training, beers, laughter, friendships, memories. There all going to be made in Placid this weekend. I cannot wait!!!

Hope you guys have a great weekend and I will have lots to report on Monday!!!

Happy and Safe Training!


  1. I hope you have a great weekend of training at Lake Placid. I can't wait to read all about it!

  2. That sounds AMAZING. Can't wait to hear about it!!!!

  3. I love all the back country roads I get to train on, the only thing I do not like is the free ranging dogs and how big they are

    Have fun in Lake Placid

  4. Dogs are so scary when you are on the bike. And how are you supposed to know when one is nice and one isn't? DOH!

    Have a great time in LP!

  5. HI!
    Your weekend sounds pretty dang cool. Enjoy the good times w/tri friends.

    oh, and I like your header pic!

  6. Was just reminiscing with my chiropractor today about how the first time I ever saw him was when I was chased by a dog on my bike and I wrecked. Love country roads, hate loose dogs! Have a great weekend at Lake Placid, sounds awesome.