Saturday, June 4, 2011

Paige's Butterfly Run Recap

I had been debating for the last month if I would do Paiges Butterfly Run or Swim in an open water swim race at Oneida Shores. Since I had my daughter this weekend, I thought we would do something fun together. I would run the 5K race and then together we would run the 3K race. She loved the idea so I signed us up!

This race was formed in 1999 dedicated to raising money for the battle against Pediatric Cancer and the funding of a scholarship in Paiges name for Baker High School in Baldwinsville. Paige was a 1st grade student when she was diagnosed with Leukemia. She was treated at Both University Hospital in Syracuse, Ny as well as The Childrens Hospital in Boston, MA. Paige passed away after a bone marrow transplant later that same year in 1994. Her Parents were approached in 1997 to organize the run in her name through Palmer Elementary school. For 10 years it was run around Palmer but in 2008 moved into Syracuse with the Taste of Syracuse Festival.

Run the race for a good cause, then taste some of the best food in Syracuse. 2 Pluses in my Book!

It was a gorgeous day for a run. Prior to running I took Herbie out for a 1:23 Bike ride as I had a brick scheduled. Got back to the house, threw the running gear on, Got the kids ready (honey included) and headed down to Syracuse. We got there 30 min before the start. I was feeling a little chilly but knew it would pass when I started running.

Took some pics with the little one and said hello to some friends and I was off! I was talking too much that I didn't realize I was starting mid pack. Eh, it didn't matter it would be net timed as well as gun timed which is always nice. Fairness is the game here. 

The first mile I took it easy. Met up with a CNY Tri friend and talked with him for about a half mile. 
 Mile 1- 8:56

I knew I talked too much and needed to pick the pace up a bit. Mile 2 I was weaving in and out of people. We then went along this tight path and I couldn't really pass people very well
Mile 2- 8:29

The last mile I was feeling good and just tried to hang onto the pace I was at. I was tired from 6 hours of biking in the last few days but I knew I was having a great solid run.
Mile 3- 8:24

Turned the Corner and saw the balloons, the finish line. I gunned it. My lungs were burning. I knew I could do it though
.17- 7:30

Overall time 26:59- According to my watch 8:33 pace, their watch 8:41 pace
468/1486 total finishers
30/115 in AG

I got a drink and waited about half hour and got set up to run again with my daughter. She got in the front and GUNNED it out of the start. She gunned it so hard I was chasing her down for a good .25 miles. I couldn't believe this! Then, She started slowing, slowing to the point she had to walk a few times. I kept giving her encouragement as well as my honey who was on his bike taking pics, so excited to see her race!! Its so great seeing him be so great to my daughter and loving everything she does. 
She finished 1.75 miles in 19:48 (11:20 min miles!!!) So proud!!! Shes going to be beating me soon enough!! Cant wait to see what she has in store!

Gunning to the Finish
We finished up with some samples of Chicken Riggies From Dominicks, a chicken Salad and of course the little one had to get Ice cream!! I tried to stay in the core the best I could!! Too much temptation but I didn't endulge in any sweets! Woot!

Happy Training!!  


  1. Ummm...she has better running form that many adults I know!

  2. I love that she wanted to do this with you! And the post work out food sounds delish!

  3. What a great day!!! I so wanted to run this one, but the foot said no : (

  4. I love that you raced with her! Too cute!

    And congrats on your race!

  5. That is so awesome that your daughter did such a great race!! (and you too!!)