Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day before the Race Thoughts

Tomorrow I am Racing in the Tri-Oswego olympic Triathlon. It is an inaugural triathlon in Oswego, NY. I am super excited about getting in a longer distance race before Mussel Man 70.3 in July. I have a race plan and Im going to try and execute it.

I was looking at my first ever Olympic time at Lake Delta Triathlon last year. I did fairly well for my swim, bike and transitions but fell a little on the run. This year I want that run to be a solid run. I know this is a different race and I cannot predict how tomorrow will be but I have some thoughts in my head.

I will be trying to toe that line in every discipline tomorrow. That line between hard and almost vomiting. I think I can play with that line tomorrow. I know my swimming is better so even if I shave a few minutes off each discipline it will be a great day for me.

It looks like the weather is going to hold up tomorrow and I am excited about that. There are about 200 people doing the Sprint Triathlon and 80 people doing the Olympic. That puts me in a happier place right now. All I keep thinking about and visioning is a race that is executed to the "t" and I hope that will be tomorrow.

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  1. Have a great race tomorrow. Will be sending you positive race mojo. Can't wait to see how you do.