Friday, May 6, 2011

First week Training like a Triathlete

This was my first week Training like the obligations but training and my daughter. This is fun! I am going to enjoy this while it lasts!

Yesterday was one of my hardest Training efforts to date. Not that I couldn't do the workout but mentally it was challenging. I am definately working on this portion a lot this past week. I had a 3:15 brick buster yesterday. 60min zone 2 on bike, 30 min z2 run, 45 min (30 min Zone 2/15min Zone 3) bike, 15 min Z3 run, 30 min Z3 bike, 15 min Z3 run. The hardest part was getting on for that last brick. I knew it was going to be tough. I knew I could challenge myself. But a little piece inside me was debating. I thought eh, Ill tell coach I just didn't have it in me...Ill make up something if I have to. Then it hit me!!! No more excuses! I have 3 months to just take it easy and train! People would kill for this right now! SUCK it up!

So...I did and finished relieved and happy that I didn't give up on myself and all through those moments I was thinking of executing my B2B race and not giving up on myself. I nailed my nutrition drinking EFS drink 24 oz (48g CHO) every hour along with powerbar gels every 30min. I don't know if I should have probably took in a little more fluid but Im going to keep trying to see what my body can handle. I finished off with Cappucino Ultragen which I am in LOVE with! I swear I think about having seconds!!

Today, same thing, I was in the pool and I felt awesome! I told myself I am a good triathlete and I am going to take this swim session to the max today! BAM 3000 meters done in 1:10. Hey, I may not be the fastest but I felt like I could maintain this pace forever!! Even with the hard efforts I had in there.

Attitude and Commitment is everything....I am getting there little by little.


  1. Woohoo! It sounds like training is going great for you right now!!

  2. REALLY well don girl. Both the physical and the mental! That's what it takes!

  3. Outstanding workout(s)... Love the redesign!

  4. I love the new picture!

    And you are going to LOVE the week of training. It's awesome to be able to focus just on that.

  5. *like* keep up the good work!

  6. I love this! That brick sounds grueling and you write about it like you just kicked it's butt! :) And 3000 in 1:10 isn't nothing to humph about. that's awesome!

    So glad you are loving the First Endurance. I seriously crave the Ultragen... it's like a milkshake. I almost feel guilty drinking it!