Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This week so far

This week so far is going great with the core diet. I am a little over on protein intake but we are going to get that tweeked out soon!

I went riding today with gushing winds of 10-15 mph and Rainy Drizzle. I felt like a little girl on a tricycle trying to get up to speed the whole ride. A 2 hr ride turned into almost 3. Thank you Mother Nature

I had Powebar Gel all over me after the ride today. Trying to be friendly to the environment. I was a sticky mess.

I had potholes and creavices in the rode. Thank you for the nasty winter to make my ride a little more bumpy in Central New York

Swimming is going awesome, Felt the Catch. Still Stink at Flip turns as I do them Lopsided.

Why does my foot always have little blisters on the inside of my arch every time I run! I do not wear socks when I run and refuse to. I think I need a better lube job on the feet prior to a run

Im miserable today as a UPS truck almost hit me with the mirror of the truck on a 2 lane road. Move over!

I named my bike and I like it. Now I have Herbie and Pinky. Dont Hate!

I have over 200 visitors a Day to my Blog...If you are out there, Comment!!

Happy Training!!!


  1. Out of curiousity....why no socks for your run?

  2. Mother nature has a LOT of making up to do this summer after this spring!

  3. Bummer about the blisters! Those are no fun!

  4. I really hope that our Summer is not as bad as winter and spring, but something tells me we are in for it....

    Congrats on so many visitors! I would be happy with 20 at this point!

  5. Nikki- I wear socks on longer training runs, more than 2 hours. Im just trying to get used to wearing no socks for sprints and intermediate distances. And because I really hate socks anyways!!

  6. so how many flip turns do you do in the swim of a triathlon? are there more in a full Ironman than a Sprint?

  7. Ha ha! Good one OldMan. I don't need any in triathlon, its just good to do in a pool do you don't lose your rythmn!!

  8. Head winds are the worse, though they say its a subsitute for hill training. It still sucks though

    I sometimes get blisters, even take the shoe off to make sure nothing is in it, I am like you, I hate socks

    I like your bike names, naming your bike shows your bike that you care about them, I feel bad for people who dont name their bikes, I hope they realize that bikes talk to each other and bad reputations are made that way.

  9. I like my Bike names too!! It gives them Character! I did alot of hill training over the course of the last 2 days!! And Im not even that sore Im surprised! My honey is still sore after the first ride! Ha ha!

  10. Flip turns will come with time. They really are an art.

  11. I am so impressed you're out riding in the rain! Love the bike names. And love your banner. I'd totally be the chick in the full wetsuit while everyone else is in bikinis! :)

  12. Ha ha!! That IS me in the full wetsuit!! I ended up passing most of these girls too!! :)