Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

I can't believe it is already Wednesday! The week so far of training has been going well. Im loving swimming this week. I have a love hate relationship with the pool But the pool knows its not going to win this week!!! :)

I had a tempo bike and Mile repeats yesterday. It is hard to keep your heart rate in the Zones when you are outside cycling!! I wanted to just fly and see where my bike would take me. But I knew Coach would be upset with me if I did this. I got an email from her just the other day that said "Stay true to your Zones...UGH!!" Yeah, Im trying very hard now!!

When the Mile repeats came up yesterday afternoon, My belly was feeling all sloshy and I didn't know why! I waited 2 hours after I ate to go run. The first 15 min of warm up I could hear my stomach and the achiness I felt on my Left side because of it. I sucked it up. My first repeat was good, felt great. I did have to stop due to traffic on the parkway for a second. (There is this bus that transports people around the parkway....its only 5 miles...drives me nuts!!) The second repeat I felt my lungs were going to explode..3rd same thing, 4th I finally gave in and took my inhaler and did better the last mile. I emailed coach and told her I basically sucked. Emailed her the data and she said I did fine!!! Made my Day! Next time I will push a little harder. And remember my inhaler.

It seems like when the weather changes is when my breathing starts getting out of control. I don't like it but I deal with it. It doesn't stop me from doing what I love.

I had a Webinar on the "Core Diet" Yesterday. Im pretty psyched. But first I need to do a Body fat composition test and am not looking forward to doing this. I don't like anyone seeing my body but me. So, I got some calipers off of ebay. My honey used to be a fitness instructer at the Local YMCA and knows how to do the composition testing so I am having him do it!! Another PLUS!!

I really think it is important for people to know where they are in regards to body fat and how much they need to lose in order to gain a performance edge. I want to be successful at triathlon and also want to fuel my body appropriately. Im eating to train, not training to EAT!!

Tonight is our Local triathlon clubs Duathlon series until June when we start our triathlon series. My honey and I head the Oneida Shores series Every Wednesday night. Its so much fun. I get to know new people entering the sport and catch up with the people I already know!! Its going to be a great season!!


  1. That was a gorgeous HR file. SO PROUD!

  2. I hear you about the weather changes and breathing. I just got done having a crappy workout because of my breathing. Damn cold, snowy weather!

    Have fun with your Duathlon series!

  3. Good luck, my first tri of the season is May 22! Super early and I bet it is going to be a cold swim...but I'm still pumped about it!