Sunday, January 25, 2015

IMLP Training Week #12

This week was a good solid week. I was proud to get all my training in despite a nasty Sore throat and a tickle in my throat to start the week.

I started to feel better by Wednesday and my speedwork session was showing how good I was feeling! 9x1 mins in 5-6min miles was fabulous!

The pool is still kicking my ass these past few weeks but I know it is only leading up to bigger and better numbers for me. Its hard to get in that pool more than 2 days a week so I am trying to make do with those 2 days.

My Bike mileage has been pretty solid. Continuing between 80-100 miles per week. Strength on the bike is getting better. I am able to recover quicker and less muscle fatigue coming off the bike into a brick run.

My running is still a vice. I am working on still improving the running without suffering injury along the way. I have had some niggles here and there and trying to work those out has proven to be a challenge. Not sure if I need to Get pronation shoes and suck it up and buy some inserts as my left foot is starting to roll in looking at some running footage of me over the last few days.

Love when I have solid weeks.

When I had some down moments, I reflected on why I wanted to do the Ironman again and again. I do it for my self determination, I do it because I am goal setting, I do it for the pure enjoyment, the anxiety relief, when all else is going crazy in my life, I can fall back onto the bike or run and feel centered and focused to tackle any obstacle in my way. I do it for my family. For them to see quitting is not an option. To fight for something you love, to give it your all.

I will not go down without a fight. I am willing to fight if it comes to that point. The fire is within me. I am ready.

Next week is a little of a down week, then Sunday a 5K race! Can't wait to see what I can accomplish!

Totals this week

Swim: 1:35:00- 5350 yds
Bike: 6:35:15- 137 miles
Run: 4:30:00- 30.6 miles
Strength- 30 min

Total 13:10:15

Happy Training!!!

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