Sunday, February 1, 2015

IMLP Training week #13 and a 5K

This week was a little of a down week. I managed again to get all my training in. feeling a little sore after the race today at the end of the training week, but overall it was a good week.

I can tell you the same things as last week because nothing was really exciting in training except for Today.

I did a 5K after a 8.5 mile long run.

To say it didn't hurt like hell was a lie. I had a tough time keeping up on my race but it was a solid effort for sure,

My friend, J and I went for a long run through the cold parkway by our house. The temps were hovering in the High teens, low 20F's. Freakin cold! I started to warm up about 3-4 miles in and started to need some gel to pick me up. I felt good running the 8.5 miles with my friend. We had great conversation and before I knew it 1 hour was gone!

I went back to the registration area after my run, changed clothing and tried to stretch and warm up for the race. I think I ran a little too early because fatigue was setting into my legs pretty quickly. I was a little concerned lining up at the start line. I was a little shivered as I didn't change the sports bra. What was I thinking?!

I warm up pretty quickly as the gun went off. I Started off at a pretty good 6:50 pace. I thought, I could keep this pace, but as the minutes ticked by, my legs were getting heavier. I also had a few girls breathing heavily in my ear which causes me to panic and start thinking I cannot breathe which isn't a good feeling when your running. I didn't know whether I should haul ass and pass the chicks or let them go. I let them go once, but she wasn't keeping pace so I ran faster to get rid of her.

By Mile 2.5 I was ready to get this race over and done with. I tried to kick it up a notch and bring it home.

24:05 was the race time. Not a PR. But not too shabby for the mileage beforehand!

8/39 in AG 30-34, 15th OA Female- All I can say is there are strong runners in my field! WTH!

(Not to mention the overall female winner was 10!!!) Awesome!

Total Times:
Swimming- 6300 yds- 1:50:00
Biking- 102.5 miles-5:15:00
Running- 25.3 miles-3:41:26
Strength- 30 min

Total Time: 11:16:26

Happy Training!

After 8.5 miles of running. Crazy?!

After the 5K!! Ha ha ha! 

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