Monday, February 9, 2015

IMLP training week #14

Its been a long week. CNY is getting hit hard by old man winter. Between sub Zero temps, winds and snow, I am so over the winter these days.

I did get a few days out in the snow running. This weekend was amazing. Even though it was only 20 degrees outside, I felt warm and knocked out 12.2 miles on my long run this weekend.

Finding it hard to stay motivated in these temps, when I have to get my ass up even earlier to shovel off the car. But I still focus on the end result. Getting to the Finish line at IMLP!!

I received my new special ops TYR goggles in the mail last week and was so happy to get them. Well, I left them at my local gym last week and ended up losing them. Sad day today in the pool. Thank god I had an extra pair to wear.

I am preparing for my next adventure in the snow. The Lake Effect Half Marathon on Feb 22nd. Looking forward to breaking my goal of going under 1:50 for this race. Hoping the conditions set me up for a great race! We will see.

I fell down my basement stairs a few days ago, right on my back and hit the back of my head! Oouch!
I have been feeling a niggle here and there. I may need to go to a chiropractor. I almost had a meltdown while swimming this morning because every time I rotated my hips, I felt a pull in my back.

I'm hoping I can be adjusted and fixed by race time!

My running playground
How's everyone else's training going??

This week in Numbers:
Swim:6060 yds- 1:34:24
Bike:91 miles-4:35:06
RUn:24.7 miles-3:43:49
Strength: 45 min

Total: 10:38:19

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  1. Way to stay motivated. Winter training is hard for me mainly because of the lack of sunlight. We're experiencing unseasonably warm temps here in the SW thought which makes it easier now but makes me dread the summer that's coming. Good luck!