Monday, February 23, 2015

Lake Effect Half Marathon 2015. Ending IMLP training week #16

The first Half marry of the season is in the books. I have mixed feelings bout how well I did and how I can improve. The weather leading up to the race was less than Ideal for me. With the negative wind chills and Snow drifts, I was doubtful that the fore casted weather report for race day was anything but accurate.

They days before the race, I did some changes to my Training schedule to give me a rest day/Swim the day before (which never happened due to my cranky 2 year old) I did my long ride on Friday morning as I had the day off from work and vowed I would spend the rest of the day with my Feet up and hydrating well. I'm just going to say that didn't happen either

Race day came and I couldn't contain my excitement that the weather was not in the negative numbers! I was ready to race and It actually felt a little warm! OK, I said a little warm.

I did my usual fueling for the race and tried to hydrate well, but trying to get a 2 year old from beneath your feet as you are scrambling to get ready was wrecking havic on my ability to hydrate well. I chugged a half a 20oz bottle of water and kissed everyone goodbye and headed down to the race site to get a good spot to park and relax a bit before the race.

I got there with about 45 min until the race start. I decided to get a good mile warm up with some pick ups in with a few of the local racers in town. Did some chatting and lined up for the race. I was a bit nervous as I have been training long and easy. I decided to do what I could and forget the rest.

I decided to keep my fueling and hydration under control and leave the rest up to my mind and body.

The first few miles ticked off without a hitch. My goal was to keep every 5K within 24-26 minutes each.  First 5K- 23:57. I was right where I wanted to be. I thought to myself. Great pacing, keep working.

There was about a 2 mile stretch out and back that was snow covered and I knew the second half was not going to be stellar with footing once 500 or so people have trambled all over it, but didn't want to think about it until it came around again.

NExt 5K 25 min. I am still cooking with my time. Right where I wanted to be. My 10K split was about 50 min which I was pleased with.

There was a lot of slush going back again in the same loop. I tried to get footing where ever I could get it.

The next 5K was 26 min. Fuck, I was slowing down. Keep fueling and continue to push. I wasn't feeling horrible at this moment, but I have to admit that the wind did start picking up a pinch in this direction.

Then, I hit the out and back part again. I think I used some profanities under by breath but decided to smile through it all knowing that everyone, except for the people wearing the Yak Traxs (Yeah, the smart people) were having the same problem I was.

I was slow, I was slipping. I tried to keep as light as I could on my feet and just go!

Next 5K 27 min. I was down and Out that I was getting slower as the time ticked. I knew mentally I was ok, Physically I felt ok, but I was slowing down and didn't like it one bit!

The last mile, I regained my speed and was happy overall with the race, Until about 1/4 mile from the finish when 2 girls passed me and got me soaked from the slush! I did manage a what the heck and decided to push through and try to reel them in. I almost got them by the end.

Total time: 1:52:23
117th out of 555 finishers
11/51 AG 30-34
39/328 Female finishers

Fueling- 4 Gu's and a whole lot of water- Perfect
After the bad section

In other training- I was down on time this week, but knew I needed to rest up for the Marathon

IMLP Week #16 in numbers

Swim-3450yds- 1hr
Bike- 91.1 miles- 4hr 55 min
Run- 25.3-3hr 42min
Strength 30 min

Total Time- 10:07:00

Happy Training!

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