Monday, February 16, 2015

IMLP training Week #15- Bitter cold temps continue

This winter is dragging along in NY! I would like to pack my bags and move down south for the winter months! The bitter cold temps have kept me indoors training on the Bike and Treadmill.
The temps have reached -27F with the wind chills! Brrr!

When we are at the top of the 100 snowiest cities, I think its time to move somewhere warmer, especially when I can't country ski to save my ass. The only thing I remotely like to do is Snowshoeing. I guess I don't mind Tubing. Don't get me started on how unbelievably embarrassing my downhill skiiing is!

What is left? Thank god for running. I can layer up and run for hours but then I hate to come home and have the biggest chill to my spine, wanting to quickly dive head first into a hot tub!

Brrr! As you can see I am throwing up my middle finger at mother nature right now. UGH

Training However, still is going great! I cannot believe the motivation that is sticking with me to train and stick to the plan! I have a lot of supporters and friends that keep me motivated and sane throughout this whole journey!

Yesterday I hit the indoor track for 2 hours! I met some fellow runners that helped tick the minutes away! Before I knew it I was done! I would have to say that it was a little less tortuous than the Treadmill.

I am gearing up for the Lake Effect Half Marathon this weekend and am crossing my fingers the bitter cold blast ends fast! It is supposed to be a high of 27F this weekend and looking forward to trying to get my PR.

Training in numbers this week:

Swim- 6,000 yds, 1:46:00
Bike- 100miles, 5:10:00
Run- 28.2miles, 4:03:00
Strength- 50 min

Total time- 11:49:00

Happy Training!

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  1. Way to get those miles in with winter blasting!! We've had the opposite here and it makes me nervous for how hot this summer is going to be for us. Good luck!!