Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ironman Lake Placid In a nut shell.

Now that I finally have time to really reflect on my Race and finally accept what the outcome was, I can begin to write this blog.

The morning of I was feeling pumped and energized. I didn't have any doubts going into the race as to whether I would finish or not. I knew I would. I had time goals in mind, and kept ones I would be ecstatic with and ones I would be ok with to myself.

PRe race meal: 3 hours prior: 2 bananas, 2tbsp Almond butter, 2 Scoops Whey protein, 2 cups applesauce all mixed together in a blender with 1 scoop turmeric, 2 scoops Beetelite. (has always worked for me, didn't change it!) 2 hours prior: Fuelforfire Cocoa banana pouch I got from the Core Diet tent! (Yes I know, Don't try anything new. It really wasn't new. Its all real food!)
Continued to drink Infinit run blend up to showtime, 30 min before swim: 1 GU packet.

I did a pre race swim to shake out the nerves, said good luck to many Tri friends that were up here racing with me and off I went to line up in the 1:15-1:20 pace group.

Swim: I really wish I would've lined up in the wave ahead of me. It got crowded fast and I was getting hit and slapped like no tomorrow. I wanted to find some feet to hang onto but Felt there was no one going my speed around me. I started to get anxious and nervous as people were hitting me and my legs just kept sinking! The turn around to get out of the water and onto the second loop was a washing machine of Feet and hands. I was happy to be out but felt exhausted trying to find good swimming water. The second loop was a little worse than the first. I kept thinking lets just get this shit over with and get onto the bike. Totally over the swim. Went I exited the water, I was so freaking happy!
Time: 1:19:52

Bike: The bike course is no joke. It is a gradual incline, followed by a good decent, rollers than more climbing towards the back side. Do that twice and your legs are fried. I tried to keep focus on spinning, keeping a good cadence, and Hydrating well. The first loop went off without a hitch. When I got to the Bike special needs station, I was down a bottle of hydration. I knew I was in trouble if I didn't start picking up the drinking. I stopped to pee at the next port a potty and continued on. I tried so hard to pee on my bike, but couldn't! The second loop got very hot and all I could think about was how hot I was feeling. Every aid station I grabbed water and tossed it on me and drank a sip and tossed it. Going back into town was just mind crumbling. Going 10 mph for most of the ride wasn't fun. I felt like there wasn't much energy left. I hit the town and my energy came back. The crowd was great and I was ready to rock the run!
Nutrition: 5.5 bottles of Infinit nutrition, 2 Carmel Macchiato Gus for different flavor, Water on the last loop when needed.
Time:6:25:28 Ave pace 17.43 mph

Run: As I went through transition, I just stopped and sat in the chair for a minute as I was feeling so hot. I was so glad to be off the bike and onto the run!! I changed socks and shoes, put my hat and sunglasses on, Fuel belt and was ready to tackle the run! On the way out of transition, I waited to get sunblock on which took more time than I wanted it to as I had to wait!! ugh. It was only a few minutes I know, but time is everything in Ironman!! :-p  I kept thinking about how hot I was. I tried to focus On positives, worry about nutrition, Ice in my bra, anything to keep my mind from going negative. I forgot about my mantras and just kept focusing on getting to aid station after aid station. River road is a lonely place and I saw so many people struggling to run, I didn't want to be that person struggling but found myself getting to that point fairly early on. At the Run special needs, I saw the first place persons body shut down and she was almost incoherent. I took a step back and thought, I am not winning this race, I will give it what I've got from this point on. I did what I could. I ran 5min, walked 1 min until I got my feet again in the last mile. When I came into the oval, I was so happy I was finishing my dream race and that my Honey would be at the finish line to greet me!

Little did I know, He had my medal waiting for me!!! Thanks to my friends at Ironman who made that happen!

Run:4:41:11- 10:53min.mi

Total Time:12:41:35

When It was all done, I was happy, then cried for about 5 min as my goal of 12 hours wasn't there. I tried my best! I went home, showered, ate and came back to watch Mike Reilly in the last hours bring home the Ironmen!!!

Kristin, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!! Woot!

I still have a goal. That goal is under 12 hours. I will try to Catch that goal at my next IM!!! Ironman Mont Tremblant 2016!!!!

Happy training!

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