Monday, March 16, 2015

Ironman Lake Placid Training week #19

19 weeks down, 19 weeks to go!!! OMGeee!!! Its getting closer!

The weather is still pretty shitty in New york but am trying to make the best of it. The winter has been a long winter. I never new what the winter blues felt like until this year. I am sure I got my taste of it.

I am still trying to get outside to run as much as I can. Still waiting on above 40 temps to get on the bike outside.

I did eat something this week that didn't agree with me. I am extremely sensitive to Gluten and soy. I Have been pretty much strictly Paleo for the last year and a half and when I stray from it, I notice immediately. I have to say I did have some crying episodes on the bike because of my abdominal pain from eating something wrong. It wasn't pretty, but I continued onto my ride. If it was going to happen in Ironman, I wouldn't give up either.

I felt pretty strong in the pool this week, I added a extra "easy" day of swimming this week. The pool was jam packed and I ended up in a lane with the guys doing 1:29-1:30 Pacing for 100s. That was pretty fun to try and hang onto them. I only lasted about 300yds. Hey, I am glad I lasted that long!

Running has always been ok for me. I am starting to feel a difference after changing my shoes as I was overpronating alot. I am now using Saucony Mirage to train in and Saucony Fastwitch to race in with Superfeet inside. So far so good. Its been about a month. Less Left hip/piriformis pain. Still getting it a bit but I can push through it now.

Strength is getting better. I have been going for about 20 min on my luch break at work to get it in. It has been my lifesaver. Get it in when you can!

Nutrition- Pretty much ok, except for the unknown trigger for GI distress earlier on in the week. I have been looking for more "clean" ways to hydrate and get nutrition in on the bike. I do use Gu gels and Drinks now to get me through as those are what is offered on the course at IMLP. I need to get stock in it as I have already gone through 4 boxes of them!

Training in Numbers:

Swim- 7800yds-2:14:00
Bike- 142 miles- 7:23:00
Run- 28.8 miles- 4:18:30
Strength- 55 min

Total time- 14:50:30

This week is a down week and I am soo excited!! I am also Culminating the week with the Syracuse Half Marathon on Sunday!! Cannot wait!

Happy Training!

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