Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tipp Hill Shamrock Race Report

Nothing like running with a total of 2790 finishers in the 10th Annual Tipp Hill Shamrock Run. 

"This course showcases the historic Tipperary Hill neighborhood of Syracuse, NY, bringing runners past many of Tipp Hill's favorite landmarks, including the world famous "Green-On-Top" traffic light, scenic parks, architecturally striking churches, and of course, some popular Pubs including Coleman's and Nibsy's."

This course is somewhat challenging and does provide a great tune up run to the Mountain Goat run that is on May 3rd in Downtown Syracuse.

I originally wasn't going to run this run because it is notorious for being a high turnout race and definitely one that the "weekend warriors" tend to come out of the woodwork for. After all, most of the local pubs offer some sort of discount on drinks/food with your BIB if you do the race. 

My friend ML was on vacation and told me the BIB was mine if I wanted to run the race. So I contemplated doing it all week. When I found out my good running buddy KJ was running it with her running group, the Road Warriors, I decided I would join her and have a good run with a great friend. 

We arrived at the race around 10AM after being diverted from the orginal route to the race due to an accident. KJ's group was meeting around the corner at one of her running groups house which was awesome considering it was only about a 10 min walk/run to the start. 

The temps were hovering around 20F but the wind was definitely making it feel a little bit chillier. I decided because I get so hot, I would only put 2 layers on and be fine, Hat, gloves, Tights as well. 

Keeping warm and happy before the race
We went to the start around 10:30, Did a quick run around the Rink and Went into meet and greet anyone we knew inside. I did the Hula Hoop Challenge inside the rink and lasted 21sec. I almost won a gift card if I could've lasted another 10 seconds!

We got to the start around 10:50 and shimmied our way up to the front as close to the elites as we could. Of course other people had the same intentions as us. 

When the gun went off, It was complete weaving for the first 2 miles. I even ran into 2 walkers right after the start of the race. The plan of the day was to just stay steady as I was coming off a 2:30 Bike earlier in the morning. I threw that plan right out the window as soon as I got around the first corner of the race. I was heated and ready to run. The parked cars on the running streets and the runners ahead of me were making it hard to get around them, so I just tried to stay comfortably uncomfortable for the first few miles. 

Going up the first hill, I was able to make up some time and get around alot of the slower runners up the hill. It still wasn't enough to push forward in any capacity.

The never ending hill that starts at Nibsy's and doesn't end until you get up Coolridge took me a little longer than I wanted it to, but I didn't stop running at all!!! Wooo hooo! I got up that Damn hill and decided to push a little to the finish. 

I gave it a great effort and ended up with a time of 30:45. Wanted under 30 min, close..

Managed 10/254 AG 30-34
31/1556 female runners
213/2790 finishers

4.13 miles, 7:30 pace by my Garmin with all the weaving, 4 miles-7:42 pace by results. 
I would say that was a pretty decent run! This was almost a 3 min PR from last year considering all the bobbing and Weaving I did!

Afterwards, we celebrated with a maple cream cheese frosted Cinnamon Roll from The Cookie Connection. I cannot say no to their baked goods. I do treat myself after my hard bike/runs on the weekends. Hey, We can't always be good! :-)

Happy Training!

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