Sunday, January 27, 2013

1 month already?!

January 25th marked my baby as 1 month old!! I cannot believe he is 1 month old already!! I soon will be heading back to work. I am having extreme anxiety about returning to work! I know it will be fine as my honey will be hopefully staying home with him for the most part.

Its funny how much they grow in that first month. He is already smiling and cooing and batting at objects which makes me overjoyed to see his progress day by day.

He has been colicky but they say it peaks at 6 weeks so we are almost at the worst of it! YAY for us!!
Sleeping has been on and off of course. One day he is sleeping all day, and awake at night and then the next day is the complete opposite!!

I have been working out pretty consistently. Taking days off when I feel my body needs a break. I finally ran a 5K yesterday in 37:49. Its a start and Ill work from there!! I have been only doing the bike and treadmilll as I cannot swim until my Post partum check.

My family has been adjusting well. My daughter is finally learning its not all about her..or should I say working on this as she has been the only one for 9 years!!

I signed up for Gillie Girl Triathlon this last week as I had a deferrment from last year. I am excited to be getting my feet wet again in the sport! I am thinking of just competing more in individual sports this season as it wont take up too much time to do as I want to spend as much time as I can with my family.

So far on the books I have Tipp Hill 4 mile run in March, Mountain Goat run in May, and Gillie Girl Triathlon in July. I might do a few cycling races that are local as well. Nothing fancy, but something to keep motivated!!!

Happy Training!!

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  1. I love this update... he is getting so big and you are doing AMAZING! So happy for you Kristin!