Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ready to Race?

I am gearing up to run my first "Race" of 2013. Tipp Hill Shamrock Run 4 miler on March 3rd. While we are almost a month away, I feel I am gaining some running fitness back already!

Yesterday here in Central New York, I was running in 60 degree weather!! I had a short sleeve shirt on and Capris!! Today, the weather is less desiring with a mere 31 degrees and 30mph winds!! BRRR!!

I tried my hardest to run the whole time I was out running yesterday and just to live in the moment of running. No goals in mind but to just run and see how far I could get before my route was done. I did a little crazy loop around my develpment. I thought about everything in that time I was out there. What I wanted to accomplish, how much more I had to lose, Could I beat my friend at this race, how is the baby going to do when I go back to work, You name it I thought about it.

I only thought about my breathing one time, when a car decided it was going to turn the corner right in front of me! I really hate it when people are in such a hurry and dont give a darn or dont care to look around them! The lady didn't even look at me as I was yelling at her! UGH!

In all I managed to get this out of my run......

I have been trying to eat pretty clean but I have slip ups every now and then. Especially now that my mother is down for a few weeks and the goodies have just been appearing in my house!! Arg!

I am almost in my pre-pregnancy clothes. A few more pounds and inches, I will be there. Of course my body has definately gained some curves, which I hope will even themselves out!!

What has your training been like??


  1. Getting an early start on your season, that's great! The winds here have been pretty bad too the last three days. I'm hoping for a nice weekend so I can spend lots of time outdoors! Good luck with your race!

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