Saturday, September 14, 2013

Im still hanging on

I have been really negligent in writing on the blog lately. With a 8 1/2 month old constantly at my feet, keeping me very busy, there isn't much room for other little things that I used to enjoy. Its getting better each day, but of course now the real teething begins and we are back at square one. I never thought having another child 9 years after my first would be such a life changing event for our family! what a 360 degree turn we made! My son is so opposite of my daughter. Much more needy, Into everything, sleepless nights, cannot look away type of guy!! I hope this gets better! In the world of Exercise, its been get the shit done and get back to the kids. I have been trying to get up early but frankly don't have enough gas in the tank to get my ass up! Between work, Taking care of a infant, taking my daughter to Gymnastics 3 days a week, and everyday life, it gets pretty exhausting. I raced a few races last month but didn't feel that they were my best performances, but you get what you but into them. I raced Cazenovia Intermedite Triathlon and came in 3rd in my age group after a miserable run I can be proud of my cycling race 2 weekends later- TOur De Loop 30 mile race in Oswego where I took home 1st in my AG, just 30sec shy of 3rd Overall!! Next up is Caz Hill Bender tomorrow which frankly I feel like I have not put in the cycling mileage or hill work to have a good race but we will see what happens tomorrow. 39 miles of torture is great right?!! RIGHT!! I have been doing well on my running which is a plus. It really is the only thing that I can do with my son, so the mileage is there. Next month is a running month with 3 running races on tap, Run for your Life 15k, Relay Empire State Marathon and Eastwood Park to Park run. Im super excited to race these races. That reminds me, I need a new pair of running shoes.. Swimming- Yep it happens maybe once or twice per week. I try and focus on good form and let the other stuff fall into place. Well, its back to watching the little one as I can already tell he is into stuff that he shouldn't be.

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